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100 Stairstep Challenge

The countdown has started! The "Take the Stairs Day" will be celebrated on September 22. Inspire and let yourself be inspired by the health initiative #100trappsteg.

#100trappsteg every day, the rest of your life

Mai-Lis Hellenius on #100 trappsteg

Take the stairs and make it a habit

The idea behind #100trappsteg is to encourage people to take 100 steps each day, for the rest of their lives, to get fit, strong and healthy.

The project is run by Mattias Sunneborn and Jenny Åkervall​. The "Take the Stairs Day" is a collaboration between Region Stockholm,  Suicide Zero, Karolinska institutet, Hjärt-Lungfonden and Generation Pep.

June 15 - September 22

Health Promotion supports and is a part of this initiative. Help us to spread the word and inspire others to take the stairs.

Where do you find your stairs? Where are the beautiful, the hidden and forgotten stairs?

How can we encourage people to take the stairs instead of the elevator?

Share your ideas on @100trappsteg and tag  #100trappsteg. Please share with us on @kihealthpromotion.

Take the Stairs Day - September 22

The Stairs Day is a digital webinar which can be followed on social media. Key note speakers are Professor Mai-Lis Hellenius, former Olymipan and Operation Manager for Generation Pep Carolina Kluft and Senior Phsychiatrist Ullakarin Nyberg from Suicide Zero.

The panel consists of former minister of Public Health and National Coordinator for Agenda 2030 Gabriel Wikström, Secretary Genreal for the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation  Kristina Sparreljung, Secretary General for Suicide Zero Rickard Bracken.