About Campus Online

Health promotion provides weekly live streamed classes. They are free for both students and employees.

There are two ways to access the classes:

Book the class through our booking system (recommended).

  • You will get updates about the class, i.e. time changes.
  • You will get a reminder 24 hours before the class will start.
  • You can import it to your calendar.
  • There is two ways to join the class and get attendance. E-mail link, sent out 30 min before the class. With the "show video recording" button in the class description that will be shown 10 minutes before class.

Join through the link on our web page.

Here is a short description of our classes.

Functional yoga 

This yoga class will focus on basic postures and techniques. You will practice balance, range of movement (ROM), strength and coordination as well as body and breath awareness. Choose to do 30 or 60 min. Suitable fo all levels.

Instructor Marian Papp

The Groove - streaming

Groove is the easiest dance class in the world with the core message United-Unique. Come as you are, ready for a full body workout with dance, mindfulness, creativity and joy. No previous experience is needed.  

Instructor: Ina Schuppe-Koistinen Helena Hansson

FYS 30 

Online circuit training class with functional bodyweight exercises. Class is consisting of a warm up, 3 rounds of interval workout and a short cool down. Suitable for all levels

Instructor:  Jasper Van Heuverswyn

Active break

Take a break from work with this 10 min active break that everyone can do. No equipment required. We will be available 10 min before and 10 min after class for those that wants to chat.

Instructor: Elisabeth Svanfeldt & Anders Wiberg

Mindfulness drop in

This is an offer to pause in the day and re-boot yourself with some mindfulness practice, stepping out from doing and into being; connecting with what is going on in the moment; just as it is. In the session there will be a mix of mediations; both with movements and in stillness. You can check in 15 minutes ahead of the session and/or stay for an extra 15 minutes at the end, if you would like to connect and chat with the teacher and other practitioners. 

Instructor: Gunilla Lönnberg