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About KI Health Promotion

The role of the Health Promotion Unit is to inspire, support and promote health. We offer group training classes, workshops and events for students and staff at KI. Employees are offered special health promotion benefits.

Karolinska Institutet aims to promote the health and wellbeing of employees by providing opportunities for physical activity and active recovery on campus. The Health Promotion Unit works to empower individuals and promote skill and competency to support a foundation for life-long wellness. 

As a KI employee you have free access to Health Promotion:

  • campus facilities and tennis courts
  • classes and workshops
  • wellness events

KI employees are entitled to a wellness allowance of 1500 SEK/year, one health promotion hour/week and coaching regarding Physical Activity on Prescription. We provide tailored health promoting programmes and enable local initiatives through our health promoters.

GDPR regarding the on-line booking system

GDPR The EU General Data Protection Regulation enters into force on 25 May 2018. It will replace the Personal Data Act (PuL). The aim is to enhance the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data across the EU. Zoezi will save your personal information to fulfil their agreement in order for us to send you booking confirmations, notifications about cancelled classes, changes in the schedule and reminders. The information saved is: name, mailadress. Booking data (class, date) is saved purely for statistical purposes. By making an appointment in Zoezi you agree to their Data Protection Policy and how they process your personal information. If you would like to receive further information how your personal information is used and stored, please read there policy användarvillkor. The information will be stored as long as you use the booking system. Inactive user’s personal data will be deleted after a year. You have the right to request that we delete your personal information anytime, by sending a mail to: (write GDPR in the subject line).

Patrik Emanuelsson

08-524 867 16
UF Central Administration

Elisabeth Svanfeldt

Health promotion consultant
08-524 866 43
UF Central Administration

Anna Christiansen

Health promotion consultant
08-524 880 79

Anders Wiberg

Health promotion consultant
08-524 866 86
UF Central Administration

More information for staff

There is more information for those of you working in the following groups

  • Fysiologi och farmakologi
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