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Accelerator – Business Creation

EIT Health Accelerator is a business creation programme, set up to support the best and brightest health industry entrepreneurs. To tackle the future challenges of European healthcare, EIT Health Accelerator creates a favourable environment for innovation, providing skills and services to get promising business ideas into the market.

The EIT Health Accelerator and its EIT Health partners offer programmes that create a European ecosystem where innovation can thrive. Its goal is to gather the best and brightest health industry entrepreneurs and provide them with the support, skills and services that they need to get their ideas off the ground and into the market.

Three activity lines

Accelerator has three strcutured acvitiy lines that are focused on start-up maturity.

  • INCUBATE! - innovation training and support activities like Launchlab or other Bootcamp programmes help entrepreneurs to create a business plan out of an initial business idea in a two-month programme.
  • VALIDATE! - places emphasis on helping start-ups and entrepreneurs utilise opportunities within the innovation communities.
  • SCALE! - major focus on developing tools and networks that can provide financing for projects and small SMEs, as well as facilitating access to potential investors, such as angel networks, corporate financers and crowd-funders.

Strategic focus for the 2019 call

From 2018-2021 the Accelerator will specifically focus on digital infrastructure and dataconnectedness. Accelerator will support the entrepreneurship community with advanced features as well as integrated use of its cross-pillar incubation pipeline, joint online tools, and access to an excellent network of incubators for additional resources and physical space. To supplement this strategic momentum and strengthen its core portfolio, EIT Health Accelarator will call for proposals in the following categories 1) EIT Health Bootcamps, 2) EIT Health GoGlobal programmes and 3) Intrapreneurship programmes.