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Access to the new premises

In order to avoid disrupting the relocation process, you will not have access to the new premises until it is time for your move.

Laboratory safety test

In order to further improve the safety in our laboratory environment, everyone who will be working in ANA 8 will have to pass a Laboratory safety test. The test is available from October 2018.

Passing the test is a requirement for activating your ANA 8 pass cards.

More information about the Laboratory Safety Test.

Keycards and keys

After completion of the laboratory safety test, your current keycard will be reprogrammed by the security department so that access to the new premises will be available in conjunction with your move. Access to the old premises will not cease immediately. A certain overlapping of access may occur, depending on the type of premises being vacated.


Visiting and mailing address:

Alfred Nobels Allé 8,

141 52 Huddinge

For visitors, couriers, etc.


Alfred Nobels Allé 8B,

141 52 Huddinge

For deliveries of large shipment