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Activities - Doctoral programme in health care science

The overall aim and purpose of the programme can be summarized in the aspiration of generating a creative, stimulating, interactive and excellent environment for doctoral studies that gives room for the individual’s reflections and initiatives, firstly for doctoral students at Karolinska Institutet wanting knowledge in health care science.

The programme offers a variety of other activities, such as seminars, seminar series, workshops, academic debates and lectures.

Activities - Spring 2020

Seminar: Use of patient-reported outcome measures in clinical care (28 jan)

Activities - Autumn 2019

Seminar: Methodological Presentation on “Situational analysis” (6 Sep)

Seminar: Perspectives on nurse staffing! (12 Sep)

Workshop: Presentation skills – Capture your audience (13, 17 & 24 Oct)

Conference: Advances in Health Care Sciences (13 & 14 Nov)

Workshop: Doing Thematic Analysis: A practical two-day introduction (15 & 18 Nov)

Workshop: How to communicate your research using text and image - a workshop in graphic design (19 Nov)

Workshop: Writing a Kappa (Dec)


About the activities


The programme organizes seminars with purpose to diffuse information and knowledge. The programme considers the seminars as a very good forum for questions and discussions regarding a chosen theme.

Seminar series

The purpose of the seminar series activity within the programme is to offer the possibility to advanced subject studies within specific topics, beside the subject immersions that the research project itself entail. The programme aims to encourage the doctoral student to initiate seminar series on the basis of certain needs by contributing administrative advice and announcements of means to e.g. defray the participation of senior researchers and postdocs as seminar leaders in a current topic.


In a workshop we attach more importance to problem-solving, than in a seminar. The PhD students are given the possibility to train skills through a larger content of ”hands on” activities, which are depending on their level of involvement and active participation.

Open lectures & academic debates

The programme aims to facilitate and to support the development of critical thinking in the PhD student, as well as of their own reflection and standpoint, from a larger perspective than their research group/department by creating a forum for academic debates around important issues.

All activities are most often evaluated by the participants afterwards. This is done to enable improvements and take into account the participants views and opinions.

Registration and participation

You can apply to the different activities by emailing

Doctoral students and postdocs registered at Karolinska Institutet are prioritized in the activities. If seats are available, doctoral students and postdocs from other universities and/or other university staff are invited to participate.

Confirmation and additional information is distributed to the participants via email.

Students active participation is essential for the quality and content of the different activities. Hence, by confirming your registration you are expected to participate throughout the activity.

The different activities are evaluated through a web-based survey. It is of importance to the doctoral programme to provide activities of high quality and to continuously improve the content.