Add Outlook to your iPhone

The function "ActiveSync" will be turned off at KI, which means that you as a user need the Outlook app to log in to your KI mail. On this page you will find instructions on how to add Outlook to your iPhone and how to sync your contacts.

If you have activated two-step verification (multifactor authentication) in your mobile, follow the guide on the pictures step by step (also linked below).

If you don't have activated two-step verification, you start by activating, see below. After enabling two-step verification, follow the guide to add the Outlook app.

Below you will see how to sync your contacts to Outlook.

Logotype Microsoft Outlook.

How to download Outlook to your iPhone

Download Outlook for iOS from App Store. Open the app, it looks like the one to the right. 





If this is your first time using Outlook, enter your KI email address, then click Add Account.







If it's not your first time using Outlook, click Inbox> and Settings> Add account> Add email account.







If you are asked to select your email provider, select Office 365.








Enter your KI email address and password and click next. Note! The login screen may look different.







Microsoft authenticator

If multifactor authentication is enabled, you will need to verify your identity. Then follow the steps in your phone. Accept any permissions requested.










If you see the picture on the right, select Maybe later.
Swipe through the features and you are ready to use Outlook!






How to activate two-step verification

You need to enable this to be able to add the Outlook app.

Two-step verification means that you log in in two steps: using your KI ID and password, and with a code or approval via an app in your phone. Two-step verification will be mandatory for all employees in the spring of 2021. Guide for how to do it is below.

Sync your contacts in Outlook - For iPhone