Always on VPN - for staff with Windows 10 within Coordinated IT

Always on VPN is a VPN solution for staff with a Windows 10 PC working at a Department that is part of Coordinated IT. Always on VPN will automatically connect you to the KI network. You can access KI's resources without having to start Cisco VPN or verify with the Microsoft Authenticator app.

For computers with Windows 10 within Coordinated IT

Your background is a toned photo of a microscope, with KI's logotype.

Always on VPN is a VPN solution for computers with Windows 10 at Departments within Coordinated IT. Always on VPN (Virtual Private Network) automatically connects you. The default desktop picture is a coloured microscope.

If you don't have a PC you can still use the current Cisco VPN.

Frequently asked questions about Always on VPN

Will all data traffic be directed through KI?

No, you will have a so-called shared connection. Communication that needs to go via KI takes place over VPN while other surfing takes place over the internet.

Can I print on my printer at home?

Yes, that will work fine while still being connected to Always on VPN.

Is it OK to use streaming services?

Yes, you can stream as long it doesn't contravene KI's IT policy.

Is it possible to disconnect Always on VPN?

Yes. Click on the network icon and then "KI AlwaysOn VPN" Disconnect. You are then disconnected.

Can I still use the previous Cisco AnyConnect VPN?

You should primarily use Always on VPN. However, you can disable AlwaysOn VPN and then connect to Cisco VPN.


If you have any questions, please contact IT Support.