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Apply for co-financing of activities - Doctoral programme in health care science

Are you interested in applying for funds to help finance a learning activity on doctoral level within health care sciences?

Application for partly fund activities; seminars or workshops

The purpose of the seminar activity within the programme is to give the possibility to advanced subject studies within specific topics, beside the subject immersions that the research project itself entail. The programme aims to encourage the doctoral student to initiate seminar series on the basis of certain needs by contributing administrative advice and announcements of means to e.g. defray the participation of senior researchers and postdocs as seminar leaders in a current topic. Seminar series partly funded by the programme cannot be a permanent occurrence to the PhD students at one specific department, but should to its content be formed to give an added value to students at several departments and preferably also interdisciplinary. The programme plans to partly fund two seminar series per semester.

It is also possible to apply for partly funding of workshops, open lectures and academic debates.

Please fill in the form under Documents and send it to Ann Rudman, and your application will be discussed at the next coming meeting with the steering group.

Activities initiated by PhD students

Workshops, seminar series as well as academic debates are excellent forms of activities initiated by PhD students. Additionally, the programme wants to encourage the doctoral students to arrange activities such as poster exhibition and open lectures for the public, associations and organizations. We truly support new and creative ideas, so do not hesitate to contact the PhD students’ representatives of the steering committee or the programme coordinator.


Programme coordinator

Indu Kadlac


Programme head

Ann Rudman

Telefon: 08-524 839 28