Applying for EIT Health

EIT Health has opened its Business Plan 2022 call for proposals for activities within the knowledge triangle: Innovation, Education and Business Creation. During the development of the revised Strategic Agenda for 2021-2027, EIT Health has refined and updated its goals and strategy. Activities need to show a societal impact, contributing to achievement of widespread, demonstrable socio-economic improvements. And most projects will need to support the financial sustainability of EIT Health.

Strategic goals

EIT Health’s strategic goals are:
1. Promoting better health of citizens.
2. Strengthening healthcare systems in Europe.
3. Contributing to a sustainable health economy in Europe.

Focus Areas

EIT Health bundles efforts and concentrates investment in six thematic Focus Areas. These are areas where innovation is needed, either because current outcomes do not fully meet the needs/expectations or because existing solutions address the problem in expensive manner:
1. Towards Health Continuum Care Pathways
2. Bringing Care Home
3. Creating the Enabling Environment for Healthcare Transformation
4. From the Workplace to the Health Place
5. Harnessing the Power of Real‐World Data
6. Fostering Healthy Lives by Introducing Behavioral Change



The goal is to build a strategic portfolio of Innovation activities that are aligned with EIT Health objectives to improve patient and/or system outcomes, and deliver a commercial return and health-system savings. To achieve this, starting in 2022, EIT Health seeks to support the following three types of Innovation projects, which we expect to be balanced within the selected activities:

  • Partner-driven projects develop products and/or services that will generate revenues and costs savings when introduced in the market.
  • Start-up-driven projects develop products and/or services that will generate revenues and costs savings when introduced in the market and offer a model where partners and start-up companies can collaborate to accelerate innovation uptake through the implementation of the Start-up Amplifier instrument.
  • High Value Care projects focus on transformations in healthcare systems and organisations, seeking to improve health outcomes with no technology development. The emphasis is on both value (improving health outcomes that matter most to patients) and reimbursement (paying for the outcomes that we aim to have).


The ambition of the Education Call for Business Plan 2022 is to create a concise, coherent, and impactful Education portfolio to continue building a brand for excellence in Education. EIT Health Education calls for Education programmes that support the transformation of healthcare systems through high-value solutions and provide the economy with knowledgeable, capable professionals, citizens, and patients to tackle public health challenges.

In line with the EIT Health Strategic Agenda 2021-2027, the Education Business model was adjusted, resulting in the invitation to submit proposals for two types of Education activities: Co-Create! Programmes and Degree Programmes. 
Co-Create! programmes
The goal of these programmes is to design, create, and deliver innovative, impactful, and high-quality education interventions that educate and equip the healthcare workforce, entrepreneurs, citizens, patients, and talents across Europe to tackle public health challenges. To achieve this aim, co-creation between different stakeholder groups, such as patient organisations, industry, and academic partners is essential.

Degree programmes
These programmes seek to develop and support pan-European master’s and doctoral programmes that deliver innovation and entrepreneurship skills to students. The ultimate aim is to nurture the talents of tomorrow (entrepreneurs, change agents, professionals) to boost innovation in the healthcare ecosystem.

Business Creation

EIT Health Business Creation invites Partners to submit innovative, value-creating proposals targeting the Focus Areas, in order to build on and strengthen the Business Creation portfolio while synergising with the other EIT Health activity types and the Alumni network. EIT Health’s Business Creation activities seek to support the best and brightest health industry entrepreneurs and provide them with the skills and services they need to get their ideas off the ground and into the market. Most of the continuation activity portfolio forms part of an exclusive start-up track that provides individualised and continuous support from regional key account managers. Partners can apply for the Bootcamp Call or a continuation activity:
Continuation Call Any Business Creation activity that is willing to continue its work in 2022 will have to apply and undergo a full evaluation procedure. This requirement ensures high quality standards and continuous improvements from year to year. In view of the current strategic developments, an individualised start-up track will be introduced. Most continuation activities will be grouped as part of that track and follow an aligned framework.
Bootcamp Call (new and continuation): EIT Health Bootcamps provide an intensive incubation programme for European teams who have a business idea that is in the research and development phase. Applicants may include degree/graduate students/postdocs, and budding entrepreneurs who have the ambition to run their own business, and to explore the opportunities of their health business idea in a European context. The Bootcamps help teams to design a successful business model, validate their product-market and product-solution fit, and discover (inter)national market potential, competition, USP and target customers.


The submission of each proposal is done in the Plaza submission system and follows a two-step-approach:

Expression of Interest by 13 January 2021, 16:00 CET. Information can be found on EIT Health connections (login required)

Complete proposal by 24 March 2021, 16:00 CET. All full-proposals will need to be submitted via the Plaza system. Please be aware that you need to be fully registered in order to submit a proposal, and your registration may require up to 36 hours to be approved.


Please contact if you plan to apply.