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Applying for EIT Health

The Call for proposals 2021

EIT Health has opened its Call for Proposals for Business Plan 2021 for activities in three programme areas Innovation Projects, Campus pillar and Accelerator pillar.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas fall within the scope of the themes defined in the EIT Health Strategic Agenda. A Focus Area “zooms in” on a particular aspect, covering related challenges as well as desired impact. The six Focus Areas shape this call by directing EIT Health funding decisions and securing long-term sustainability. You can find a full presentation of the Focus Areas at EIT Health Connections. The six EIT Health Focus areas are:

  • BRINGING CARE HOME: From institutional delivery to health delivered at home – EIT Health will deliver optimal home-based healthcare to older citizens, and consequent financial benefits to society, by designing and demonstrating innovation in home care service and systems.
  • HARNESSING THE POWER OF REAL WORLD DATA (RWD): From conceptual vision to tangible value – EIT Health will launch RWD initiatives that are robust, inform valid healthcare decisions and demonstrate potential to be scaled up, thereby establishing a framework for EU leadership in access and analysis of RWD.
  • CREATING THE ENABLING ENVIRONMENT FOR HEALTHCARE TRANSFORMATION: From the current challenge to a sustainable future – EIT Health will deliver an organisational evolution in healthcare management, with value-based benefits for citizens and consequent financial benefits to society, by designing and demonstrating innovation in management models and aligned training.
  • TOWARDS HEALTH CONTINUUM CARE PATHWAYS: From treatment centric limitations to the health continuum breadth – EIT Health will lead the reform of care pathways, undertaking the design and evidence-based implementation of innovative care and health delivery solutions.
  • EMPLOYER LEADERSHIP IN IMPROVING HEALTH OUTCOMES IN THE WORKPLACE: From workplace to health place – EIT Health will deliver improved healthcare to employees, and consequent financial benefits to employers, by going beyond the traditional expectation of employer responsibility for health in the workplace.
  • FOSTERING HEALTHY LIVES BY INTRODUCING BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE: From dealing with disease and disability to healthy lives – EIT Health will supply the tools and incentives to help citizens modify their way of life to prevent early onset of ageing, disease and disability and to profit from more years in health and wellbeing. EIT Health will focus on providing opportunities, especially to children, and other vulnerable and marginalised groups in society.

Innovation Projects

In the current call for new Innovation Projects, EIT Health are looking to expand the portfolio of high quality, strong, balanced projects. ate efficiencies or cost savings that will have to be fully implemented by the end of the project. Two main modifications will be implemented in this Call:

  • The launch of a new instrument, the Start-up Amplifier, which allows a defined type of external project partners to drive or be at the core of Innovation projects under specific conditions. This new instrument is optional can be used by partners when appropriate.
  • An improved and more comprehensive Stage 0 service, which supports applicants in preparation of Innovation Project proposals. Improvements include an enhanced role of CLC/InnoStars staff in the process.

EIT Health seeks to support projects aiming for rapid market penetration of innovative products and services, and/or the testing and deployment of novel organisational and healthcare systems' processes. They thus consider two different typologies of projects:

  • Market-facing Innovation Projects: Projects developing products and/or services that will generate immediate revenues when introduced in the market.
  • System and Organisational Innovation Projects: Projects that have the main purpose of achieving radical transformations in healthcare systems and organisations to improve patients' health outcomes (i.e. generating efficiencies or costs savings) but do not necessarily create products or marketable services. This transformation should be carefully planned and evidence-based, and should demonstrate a strong sustainability case once the funding period is over.

Campus activities

The mission of Campus is to strengthen Europe’s excellence in health innovation through education with the objective of providing pan-European best-in-class patient care and patient safety.

Campus promotes innovation in education by acting as an incubator for innovative health educational offerings, supporting partners to develop, deliver, scale and sustain these offerings across Europe.

The Campus Activity Lines are structured as follows:

  • Training for Students: Innovation Days, Continuing Degree Programmes & Summer Schools
  • Training for Entrepreneurs & Innovators: EIT Health Fellowships Network
  • Training for Professionals & Executives
  • Citizen & Patient Engagement

The calls consist of two types: Calls for submitting new programmes or reapplications that are being brought forward by individual consortia (Summer Schools, Training for Professionals and Executives,

Training for Citizens); and Calls for contributing towards existing activities, where partners are invited to re-submit a proposal to be part of a pre-existing network/ Consortium (Degree Programmes, IDays, EIT Health Fellowships).

Accelerator Activities

EIT Health Accelerator invites partners to submit innovative, value-creating proposals in 2021, to build on and strengthen our Accelerator portfolio while synergising and creating deal flow with the two other pillars: Campus and Innovation Projects. Programmes offered within the Accelerator should be linked to Campus projects, such a Summer Schools and other courses, Innovation Projects and their spin-outs – and also other Accelerator activities. Participants in Accelerator programmes also have the opportunity to become part of the business chapter of the EIT Health Alumni Network, which connects enthusiastic alumni to networking and community initiatives of EIT Health.

The Accelerator Ecosystem Call will give already existing regional or international programmes and initiatives offered by EIT Health partners the opportunity to be both labelled and published as an Accelerator Ecosystem Programme. These Accelerator Ecosystem Programmes must fit into the overall Accelerator scope and provide an added value to the Accelerator start-up pathway.

Matchmaking events

Three matchmaking event will take place

23-24 October 2019, Barcelona, Spain

13 November 2019, Arlanda/Stockholm, Sweden (only for Scandinavian partners)

4 December 2019, Paris, France

4-6 February 2020, Berlin, Germany

If you are interested in going or want more information please contact


Expression of Interest: Mandatory Expression of Interest must be submitted no later than 11 December 2019,16:00 CET . Please contact if you plan to apply.

Full-propsal: All proposals to Innovation projects, Campus activities and Accelerator activities must be submitted no later than 25 March 2019,16:00 CET .

All full-proposals will need to be submitted via the Plaza system. The call forms will be available as of 15 November 2019. Please be aware that you need to be fully registered in order to submit a proposal, and your registration may require up to 36 hours to be approved.