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Archive and registry at LIME

Each department is responsible for archive preservation and archiving of the official documents which are received, prepared or stored at the department. The Archives and Registrar’s Office at KI manages the Central Archive and Registry of the university administration.

What should be registered and archived?

The records Schedule for documents at KI ("dokumenthanteringsplan") describes what is to be registered and archived. The records include a detailed description of which documents should be archived, registered, preserved or discarded.

If you are uncertain of which documents should be registered or archived, contact

Before archiving

In order to guarantee the paper’s archive resistance, it is important that paperclips, plastic folders and post-it notes are removed from the documents to be preserved for archiving.

In order to separate different matters, use a folded A3 paper. To describe its contents, write name or registration number on the cover.

Digital file formats suited for archiving

Archiving procedures also apply to electronic documents. For a digital file to be preserved for the future, the information must be saved in a format which is independent of software and technical equipment.

Consult the Swedish National Data Service (SND) list of suitable file formats to find out what formats they consider have the greatest chance of maintaining accessibility and readability in the future.

When choosing file format for your data, base your choice on SND's recommendations in order to simplify archiving the material in the future.


If you have a question or are uncertain of what is to be registered/archived, contact