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Archiving at Neuro


Correct routines for filing research projects are important to maintain a functional system of archival management that is beneficial for both researchers and the society in large. For instance it can facilitate verification of your research result.

More information about Archive and Registry can by found on the KI Staff Portal. If you need help or expert advice, please contact

Registrar officers at the Department of Neuroscience



Axel Bergwik

Telefon:08-524 878 61

Enhet:Institutionen för neurovetenskap (Neuro), C4




Adina Gustafsson

Telefon:08-524 876 22

Enhet:Institutionen för neurovetenskap (Neuro), C4


Archivist in Biomedicum

Lise-Lotte Wallin will be assisting the five departments moving to Biomedicum with archiving.



Lise-Lotte Wallin

Telefon:08-524 872 56



Electronic Notebook – ELN

To facilitate the research documentation and ensure both high quality and traceability an electronic documentation system, KI-ELN, is available for all researcher groups at KI.

An important goal for KI is that all research documentation will be of high standard and in accordance with existing regulation as well as safe kept for the future.

From January 1, 2014 everyone at the Department of Neuroscience should be using ELN instead of paper books for the documentation of the experiments and results.

ELN is an excellent tool for the writing and saving of data such as text, calculations in excel, pictures, pdf-files and more. It will improve your documentation, since it will be easier, faster and also searchable.