Biomedicum X-ray Irradiation Core Facility

Welcome to the Biomedicum X-ray Irradiation Core Facility, equipped with an Xstrahl CIX2 X-ray machine for irradiation of biological material.


Irradiation of biological material using an X-ray machine.

The primary use of the irradiator is to irradiate cultured cells suspended in cell culture medium in 15 ml and/or 50 ml centrifugation tubes or growing in tissue culture vessels as a mono-layer in sizes up to 175 square-centimeter cell culture bottles or different type of multi-well plates i.e. 6-well up to 384-well plates.


Picture of the core faility CIX2 Xstrahl X-ray irradiator in Biomedicum
CIX2 Xstrahl X-ray irradiator in Biomedicum. Photo: Adamantia Fragkopoulou

X-ray irradiators for cells

Two CIX2 X-ray cabinets from Xstrahl have been acquired, one of which is located in Biomedicum, Campus Solna. The other one can be found in ANA Futura on Campus Flemingsberg. These are 220kV self-contained cabinet irradiators.


The core facility is open for researchers at KI and for external users.

Prior to access

Before accessing the core facility and prior to start using the X-ray irradiators, all users will have to have attended an Introduction to radiation protection course/session, as well as a web-based course focusing on the "Xstrahl X-ray irradiators" (mandatory). 

In addition, users will need to attend an onsite introduction to the irradiators.

The introduction to radiation protection course/session must have been completed no longer than five years ago. You will need to provide a certificate for access when contacting the experts.

Please note that if your certificate is older than five years or if you have not participated in an equivalent course previously, you will need to register to the course once again. See further details for registration below.

If you have attended an equivalent course, you will need to provide a certificate and sign up for an onsite introduction, before getting access to the X-ray irradiator.

Course registration

The courses "Introduction to radiation protection" and “Xstrahl X-ray irradiators” are offered online via the Nano Learning platform.

Please register your interest in attending the courses "Introduction to radiation protection" and “Xstrahl X-ray irradiators”, by sending an email to Sofia Skyttner (

To register for the Onsite Introduction, send an email to Adamantia Fragkopoulou (

Booking and fees

Registration, course/service requests and equipment reservation for KI X-ray irradiators is to be addressed via iLab, where all fees are specified and invoiced (within iLab).

Please contact Adamantia Fragkopoulou if you face any problems with the bookings. 

Meet our team

Expert user support for X-ray irradiators

Adamantia Fragkopoulou

Assistant professor, Member of the X-ray workgroup committee
K6 Department of Women's and Children's Health

Radiation protection expert

Sofia Skyttner

Security coordinator, Member of the X-ray workgroup committee
UF Central Administration

General enquiries about the X-ray irradiators

Lars Frelin

Associate Professor, Member of the infrastructure committee, Chair of the X-ray workgroup committee
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine

Contact and visit us

The Biomedicum X-ray Irradiation Core Facility is located in Biomedicum on KI Campus Solna.

Visiting address: Biomedicum, floor 2, Solnavägen 9, 171 65 Solna

Postal address: Karolinska Institutet, Biomedicum X-ray Irradiation Core Facility, SE-171 77 Stockholm, Sweden

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