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Campus Activities - Education

EIT Health Campus, the education programme of EIT Health, provides up-to-date knowledge, skills and attitudes to help turn the brightest learners into healthcare leaders and entrepreneurs, who will shape the future of Europe’s health. Campus educational offerings are intended to increase industry knowledge and deliver novel skills, as EIT Health seeks to inject an entrepreneurial approach into European healthcare education.

EIT Health Campus activities are divided into five different activity lines

  • Campus Strategic Initiatives - are designed to strengthen the ecosystem of knowledge and innovative thinking that is created by Campus and the other EIT Health pillars. The Strategic Initiatives are meant to have a positive impact on all the other programmes and activity lines within Campus and the rest of EIT Health. In 2018, Campus Strategic Initiatives will call for: 1. Innovative Education, and 2. WE Health Expansion.
  • Training for students - These Campus programmes focus on stimulating students to advance their knowledge, skills and attitudes, so they can develop health-related innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities. Within the Campus 2018 Calls for Training for Students, we are looking for novel proposals that help us continue to develop our strategy further with two sub-calls: 1. Degree Programmes, and 2. Non-Degree Programmes.
  • Training for Entrepreneurs and Innovators - In its “Training for Entrepreneurs and Innovators”, Campus focuses on stimulating learners to engage in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Journey: providing training opportunities offering a changed mindset, and providing basic skills that can lead to the founding of successful businesses and improvements in healthcare. Two sub-calls are intended to expand these training opportunities into Networks across the partnership with 1. EIT Health Starter Lab Network (E-labs) and 2. EIT Health Fellowships Network.
  • Training for Health Professionals & Executives - Campus Training for Professionals & Executives is intended to increase the number of skilled health professionals and leading executives in healthcare, and to improve the services they provide. Through this call, Campus is seeking to increase the outreach of our Training for Professionals & Executives activities to a wider audience, to gain stronger impact within this target group.
  • Training for Citizens - Campus seeks to empower all citizens — including patients, their family, people at risk of specific conditions and informal care givers — to promote public awareness and understanding of healthy living and active ageing. The general common theme for these activities are that they should empower citizens to become aware of available knowledge, approaches, tools and methods in health innovation to manage their own health while actively taking part in the innovation process.

Furthermore, the call for Digital Activities addresses all Campus activity lines. In 2019, Campus will once again welcome proposals for Digital activities, including Massive open Online Courses (MOOCs), which have the unique potential to reach many learners. We will support digital activities not only to make knowledge accessible to the broader population but also to improve formal education by implementing modern pedagogical technologies online.

New in the 2019 call

In 2019, Campus introduces two novelties to the portfolio. The first aims to further develop the Campus Strategic Initiatives by introducing a Call for Innovative Education. The second novelty introduced to our portfolio is a call for the expansion of networks, a process described in the different activity lines of Campus below. The aim of these calls for networks is to disseminate an activity across the partnership and include all CLCs.

Moreover, the 2019 EIT Health Call for proposals refers to the two EIT Health Focus Areas: (1) Bringing Care Home and (2) Value from Data in Clinical and non-Clinical Settings.