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Certificate of Service and Testimonial

When you finish your employment, you can request a certificate of service or a testimonial. On this page you will find information about what it is and how to proceed to request a certificate or testimonial.

If you have been employed at KI for more than 6 months and resign from your employment, you can get a testimonial upon request. If the duration of your employment is less than 6 months you can be issued a certificate of service instead. If you wish to receive a testimonial you should ask your immediate manager. If you wish to receive a certificate of service you can turn to HR at the relevant department.

A certificate of service contains information regarding your employment. A testimonial contains the requirements for the employment, a statement regarding your workmanship and how well you have handled your work assignment, as well as the same information provided in a certificate of service.

Employers' certificates (Arbetsgivarintyg) are written by the Payroll Unit at the central HR department, where they provide information about the employment, salary and worked time. Everyone who has been employed has the right to obtain an employer's certificate to be able to apply the Swedish unemployment insurance.