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Chemical safety ANA 8

For Karolinska Institutet’s various branches of activities, there shall be a register of all of the chemicals kept.

This is done in KLARA, which also features a risk assessment tool. The activities must follow established statutory regulations/procedures concerning storage, transport and waste with regard to chemicals and flammable goods, and it is down to the manager concerned to ensure their handling is performed safely and that rules are followed. For certain chemicals, special permits are required for their handling.

  • Chemicals being moved into ANA 8 must be registered with their barcode in the KLARA database.


  • Risk assessments
  • Glove guide
  • Handling instructions
  • Emergency procedure
  • Waste management



Marjan Amiri

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 837 86
Organizational unit: Department of Laboratory Medicine (LABMED), H5