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Committees and groups at Neuro

Committees, councils and groups at the Department of Neuroscience.

Departmental Council

Chair (Head of Department)

Gilberto Fisone

08-524 873 75


Therese Brogårde

Controller (on parental leave)

Daniel Mugalu

Financial officer (acting Secretary during Therese Brogårde's parental leave)

Personnel representatives:

Meeting minutes are available in Swedish. Contact the Head of Administration.

Executive Board

Educational Committee

Teachers representatives

Students representatives:

  • Maria Belikova
  • Andrea Coulthard
  • Otto Huanuco Rios

Education Group

The tasks of the Education Group at Neuro are to:

  • improve administration of teaching
  • set up rules for teaching
  • decide about points for teaching
  • elect teacher of the year for extraordinary performance in teaching (usually to a PhD student and to a Senior teacher)
  • discuss and solve different problems in connection with teaching

Meeting minutes are available in Swedish. Contact Elinor Schüberg

Employee Union Co-operative Group (Samverkansgrupp)

Employee Union Cooperation is handled in a local group at the department.

In accordance with Karolinska Institutet's co-operation agreement, the employer has an obligation to cooperate with trade unions. Among other things, the trade union is entitled to information, interpretation of certain issues and negotiation of certain information.

The purpose of Employee Union Cooperation is to increase empowerment and participation in work by providing the employees with good opportunities for information and co-creation.

Employer and union representatives meet once every six weeks.

Meeting minutes are available in Swedish. Contact Head of Administration.