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Communication ANA Futura

There are three communications officers in ANA Futura. We are also part of “Kommunikationsnätverket Syd” (Communication Network South) together with communications officers for NVS and BioNut. Feel free to contact us.


Newsletter 3/2018

Newsletter 2/2017

Newsletter 1/2017

Other internal news

General information and new routines in ANA Futura / 25 January, 2019

Important ANA 8 info - ongoing activities / 16 November, 2018

Information screens

From 31 January 2018 we will have lnformation screens in several locations in and around the ANA Futura, where you will find useful and interesting information on KI and ANA Futura. Do you have something you wish to publish on the screens? Fill in the form below and it will be sent to our communications officers.

Announce on Information screen

Information screens in ANA Futura (Flemingsberg)

  • The entrance of Dentmed, floor 6
  • The reception, floor 7
  • The Lunch room/Mattorget, floor 7
  • The elevator hall, floor 7
  • The elevator hall, floor 8
  • Outside and in the hallway of the education facilities, floor 8
  • ​Coffee area, floor 9

Other Information screens, Flemingsberg

  • Elevator A, floor 4, ANA Futura
  • Elevator B, floor 4, ANA Futura
  • Student area, floor 5, ANA Futura
  • Zanderska huset, ANA 23

Communications officers

Christina Sundqvist (Sandström)

Communications officer

Emma Karlsson


Anna Manfredsson


Agneta Wittlock