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Communication at LIME

On this page you will find information about internal and external communication at LIME.

Two communications officers work jointly for LIME and GPH. We have divided the main responsibility between the two institutions but have a common e-mail address:

External communication

We all need to contribute to communicate research and education at LIME, to identify relevant news, and keep web pages about you, your research projects and education updated and easy to find.

Notify us if you have any news to share on the web

Contact your local web editor or otherwise send an e-mail to

Useful tips when it comes to awards and grants

The following information would be useful:

  • Who is the recipient? What kind of award/prize is it?
  • Short motivation and brief description of/facts about the prize/award
  • For what research project(s) is the prize awarded?
  • What happens now? What does this mean for the researcher(s)? Is there any prize ceremony?

If available, include photos of award winner(s)/grant holder(s) specifying name of person(s) in picture and name of the photographer (copyright, etc.).

Your personal Profile page

All employees and affiliates at KI have a personal profile page on the web. You are responsible for keeping the information on the page updated. You will find your profile page at "", where the "x" represents your KI-ID.

Login to edit your profile page

Login on (please note that you cannot use Internet Explorer when editing your profile page. Use another web browser).

More information and Instructions on how to update your profile page.

Automatic list of publications

If you would like a list of your publications to be displayed, you will need to make some adjustments in KI Bibliometric Database. Instructions are available at KIB. Please note that there is a delay between changes in the database and when the publications appears on the profile page.

If you need help updating your personal profile page, contact your local web editor (see list below).

Web editors

LIME has a main web editor responsible for LIME's web pages.

Charlotte Brandt is the main web editor for LIME (the main editor for GPH is Ida Rutström).

Most units and divisions at LIME have their own web editor however, and this is primarily the person you should turn to with web related issues.

Digital screen at Widerströmska

Doctoral theses, seminars, conferences, courses, awards, etc., can be published on the digital screen in Widerströmska.

Notify if you wish to have soemthing published on the digital screen.

Internal communication

The pages for For LIME staff are updated by the main web editor. Please notify if you have any news for the LIME staff start page.

E-mails and mailing lists

Everyone with a KI-ID automatically has a KI email address. Your email address is usually set up according to the following principle: ""

You can look up any staff or associate at or search for a person by entering their name in the search field on

Phone numbers can be found in the telephone system CMG Web.

To send an e-mail to all personnel at LIME, use the e-mail address Please note that you can only send an e-mail to this list from your KI e-mail address.

Every centre/division/unit at LIME has its own distribution/mailing list managed by each respective centre/division/unit.

Contact information

Additional contact information can be found on Contact LIME.