Competence exchange between governmental agencies

KI wants to stimulate a higher degree of collaboration with other governmental agencies. Since 2019, KI is promoting mobility through a new collaboration with “Rörlighet i staten” (RIS).

RIS is a collaboration between 16 Swedish governmental agencies. Its aim is to help you, an employee at KI and thus also a state employee, to develop your skills by enabling you to cross the borders between the individual agencies and experience more development and career opportunities. For example, RIS makes it easier for you to take part in mentor- and leadership programs, professional networks and seminar series, and offers the possibility to transition to other agencies. In return, the partnering agencies get smoother access to the competence they need to develop their organization.

With the help of RIS, 59 people took the chance to move between (roughly 1 in 3 people) or within the partnering agencies in some way or form during 2018, and according to RIS itself this could be many more.

The program is open to all KI employees, but mainly focusses on technical and administrative staff.

Currently at RIS

Regular updates are posted on the Swedish version of this page and can of course be found on the RIS website.

You can also follow RIS on LinkedIn for continuous updates regarding their activities, possible job positions and applications periods to programs or networks.

The programs

Here you can find links to some of the possibilities offered by RIS. The links lead to Swedish pages, as this is the only language in which RIS is available so far.

Mentorship for leaders

Mentorship for employees

Basic leadership training

Leading when you’re not a manager

Exchange to another agency

Internship at another agency

The networks

RIS also offers multiple networks, specific to your position.

New networks available!

How to sign up

If you want to take part in a program or have further questions, contact Hillevi Nordqvist. As for the networks you may directly contact the relevant network responsible on the RIS website.