Compilation of the doctoral programmes’ planned courses for the coming three years

In order to facilitate the planning for KI’s doctoral students and postdocs, the doctoral programmes’ planned courses for 2022-2024 has been compiled.

The doctoral programmes offer a variety of learning activities in their respective research fields (courses, retreats, symposia, seminars etc.) for doctoral students and KI postdocs.

All courses that are given within the framework of the doctoral programmes, with a few excemptions, are advertised in and applied for through the course catalogue.

Doctoral students and KI postdocs are free to apply to participate in the courses offered in agreement with ones supervisor or principal investigator.

The titles of the courses link to the course syllabi.  An X means that a course occasion is planned that term.

Please note that the courses in the compilation above refer to the doctoral education programmes' long-term planning, and is subject to change: courses might be organised a different term, and titles, course numbers, course leaders and credits might change. Sometimes the course will not be offered anymore and new courses might be added. You find the course offerings the ongoing or coming term in the course catalogue.

Doctoral courses are also arranged as freestanding courses or within research schools

Information about general science and compulsory doctoral courses

More information about KI's doctoral programmes