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Conferment Ceremony

Karolinska Institutet holds a Conferment ceremony for doctoral students and for honorary and jubilee doctors twice a year. The ceremony takes place in the Blue Hall of Stockholm City Hall at 5 pm and is followed by a banquet in the Golden Hall and dance.


Conferment ceremony on May 10

  • Promovendi: new doctors degree holders graduated between August and December 2018
  • Honorary doctors

Conferment ceremony on November 22

  • Promovendi: new doctors degree holders graduated between January and June 2019
  • Jubilee doctors

The conferment ceremony and banquet are free of charge for promoti with accompanying guest and one supervisor.


An invitation will be sent to promovendi approximately three months before the Conferement ceremony by e-mail.

Please make sure to notify us of any change of e-mail address in order for the invitation to reach you at

Dress code and doctoral hat

It is mandatory for new doctors to wear a doctoral hat at the Conferment ceremony. They can either buy a hat, borrow from a colleague or hire a hat from KI.


The doctoral hat can be ordered at Franzéns Hattmakeri. For more info visit: Hattmakarna

Please note: last day to order a hat through Franzéns Hattmakeri is March 1!


The cost is 300 SEK. Contact us for more information at:

Dress code:

At the Conferment ceremony the dress code is full evening dress: white waistcoat, white tie and tails/ long evening gown. An alternative may be to wear the national costume.

Tail coats and evening dresses may be hired/bought from, among others:

Tail coats may be hired or ordered from, among others:

Doctoral ring (not mandatory)

Doctoral rings can be ordered from:

Practical information


Promovendi are primarily seated together with accompanying guest and supervisor. The guests are thereafter seated in order of department and division.


It is not suitable for small children to attend the KI Conferment Ceremony. It is a long and for children often tedious event. The acoustics in the City Hall is furthermore not forgiving; even the smallest noise travels a long way and might drown the speeches and presentations on stage. If possible, we strongly recommend making other arrangements for your child this afternoon/evening. If that is not possible, we kindly ask that one adult (not promovendi) is prepared to go outside if the child gets bored and loud.

Children under the age of 18 are not welcome at the banquet.


The banquet is for invited only. It is not possible to buy additional seats at the banquet. Occasionally we can sell seats that have been cancelled at the last minute. We cannot guarantee then that the available seat is adjacent to the promovendi with accompanying guest.

It is not allowed to be more than 1200 people in the City Hall due to fire security. Entrance tickets are a way for us to keep track of how many guests we are welcoming.

All promovendi have the possibility upon registration to request up to three extra tickets for guests to the ceremony only.


The ceremony comprise of conferring of jubilee doctors (conferred their doctors degree 50 years ago, participate in the autumn occasion) or honorary doctors (spring occasion) and new doctors (promovendi). Promovendi are called on stage in groups of seven at a time. Ushers lead the way and carry the hats. When on stage, the chief usher will announce the name of each promovendi. When your name is called the Dean of Research Education confer you the doctor's degree by placing the hat on your head and thereafter hand over a diploma. When all promovendi have received the hat and diploma, the chief usher will ask the audience to stand up. After a fanfare and applauds the group is lead back to their seats. The hats stay on during the remains of the ceremony.


The diploma handed at the conferment ceremony is not an official document. It is in our tradition only an insigna of having attended the ceremony and it is not to be considered an official validation of a doctoral degree. The official document is the degree certificate which testifies the receipt of the doctoral degree.


Promovendi are requested to attend a rehearsal which will take place in the City Hall starting at 3.15 p.m. A group photo will be taken. Refreshments will be served during the rehearsal but dinner is not until late so make sure to have eaten properly before coming to the City Hall.


One supervisor per promovendi will be invited by KI to ceremony and banquet at no cost, provided their former doctoral student is attending. Promovendi state when registering which supervisor is to be invited. The supervisor with one accompanying guest will thereafter receive a separate invitation from KI.

The accompanying guest of a supervisor is welcome to attend both ceremony and banquet. However the banquet is at a cost of SEK 1 000 to be paid to KI bank account 5310-6191 before the last day of registration for supervisors.


All doctoral students who have taken their doctors degree between July and December will be invited to attend the KI spring Conferment Ceremony. Invitations are sent out at the end of January.

All doctoral students who have taken their doctors degree between January and June will be invited to attend the KI autumn Conferment Ceremony. Invitations are sent out at the end of August.

Invitations are sent out by email, sender Occasionally the invitation ends up in the receivers spam box due to the sender being new and unknown.

If you have changed your email address, either recently or without informing us, it could be that we are trying to reach you. Please contact us, the unit of academic ceremonies, at your earliest convenience at

The supervisors are invited after the last day of registration for the promovendi. This is to make sure that supervisors, whose former doctoral student has in fact accepted to participate, are invited.

Dress Code

For new doctors, supervisors and accompanying guests who will attend the ceremony and banquet the dress should be full evening dress; white waistcoat, white tie and tails or long evening gown. An alternative may be to wear your national costume.

Guests attending the ceremony only are not required to wear evening dress, smart casual is appreciated.

All promovendi are required to wear a Swedish doctoral hat with the KI badge for doctors degree.

Promovendi are the only ones to wear doctoral hat during the ceremony. No one should wear hat during the banquet.


Promovendi are welcome from 3:15 pm.

Guests attending the ceremony are welcome from 4:15 pm. Everyone should have taken their seats at 4:50 pm.

The Ceremony starts at 5 o'clock sharp.


There are parking spaces along Norr Mälarstrand. There are some parking spaces for disabled visitors on the left of the City Hall, address Ragnar Östbergs plan 1-5. KI have no reserved parking spaces to distribute on the day of the Conferment Ceremony. Please arrive well in advance to have time for parking.

A taxi company will have a representative on site assisting our guests with transport home.


Head of unit

Ylva Blomberg

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 860 47
Organizational unit: Academic Ceremonies


Maria Lancella

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 862 43
Organizational unit: Academic Ceremonies


Karin Björklund-Jonsson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 865 75
Organizational unit: Academic Ceremonies