Committee for Higher Education

Maya Petrén Coordinator in the committee

Annika Östman Wernerson Chairperson and Academic vice president

Rune Brautaset Deputy-chairperson 

Central Administration

The central administration has administrators responsible for various issues. Depending on what your question concerns, you can turn directly to the responsible administrator.

Bengt Karlsson Controller

Bodil Lampén Helgesson Curriculums and syllabuses

Charlotte Karlsson Hernandez Research-based education/education-based research, student influence, reporting back to the departments regarding the educational assignment, educational organisation

Christina Joos Collaboration Region Stockholm/clinical education, practice integrated learning, interprofessional education and supplementary education

Emma Hägg Internationalisation

Klara Regnö Gender equality

Lena Atterwall Educational organisation, competence provision, research-based education, quality systems and student-related issues

Malin Öhrman Analysis and inquiry

Maria Bengtsson Dimensioning and education offer, planning and prognoses

Maria Olsson Internationalisation incl. fee-paying education

Philip Malmgren Reporting on educational assignments, pedagogic development and KIPRIME

Renita Sörensdotter Equal opportunity and widening participation

Education Support Office (in Swedish)