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Courses - Doctoral programme in health care science

The programme consists of a number of doctoral courses - on basic level as well as on more advanced level. The doctoral courses on basic level are offered on a regular basis and aim to give a broad orientation in design and research methodology The doctoral courses on advanced level give a possibility for in-depth knowledge within a certain field or a particular methodology based upon the content in the basic courses.

The courses on doctoral level are announced in the KI course catalogue for every semester

The basic courses and the advanced courses are in terms of time offered according to a rolling schedule from a 4 years’ perspective in relation to the progress and the need of immersed knowledge within a topic or a method. The ambition is that the basic courses will be organized once a year.

The pedagogical keynote of the programme is that within the framework of the courses there should be room for applying the course curriculum on the students own project. This means that the content, assignments, practical exercises and examination of the course have its origin from the participant’s own research project, which in turn offers the possibility to within the scope of the course continuously work on the student’s thesis.

For a list of all courses within the programme on basic level please see below. Different courses on advanced level are given each semester, please see below or contact

For a list of all courses and detailed descriptions, please see the Syllabus database.

For application to courses with vacancies please contact the course leader directly.

Courses Spring semester 2020

2673 Introduction to Qualitative Methods

2666 Methods for statistical analysis: From analysis of variance to multilevel modeling

3116 Quality of life as an outcome measure in care sciences

3232 Developing and Evaluating Complex Interventions (new course)

Courses Autumn semester 2019

3182 Methods for qualitative content analysis

3066 Methods for systematic reviews

2688 Multi-disciplinary perspectives on active ageing research

2407 Contemporary nursing science - theory and praxis

2702 Occupational Science conceptual development and application on research

2193 Introduction in medical education research

3180 Bridging science and societal needs through design thinking

Courses Spring semester 2019

2520 Interview techniques in health care research

3029 Observation and visual methods in health care sciences research

2664 Introduction to modern test theory and test/survey methodology

2666 Methods for statistical analysis: From variance analysis to multilevel modeling

2673 Introduction to qualitative methods

All basic courses within the programme

CodeCourse titleHp

2507Philosophy of science and research ethics, statistics, presentation techniques and information literacy7,5

2520Interview techniques in health and care research4

2664Introduction to modern test theory and test/survey methodology4

2666Methods for statistical analysis: From variance analysis to multilevel modeling4

2673Introduction to qualitative methods4

3066Methods for systematic review7,5