Create a study plan in the ISP system-"cheat sheet"

When you as a supervisor or doctoral student first create or write an individual study plan, it will be helpful to read the instructions in their entirety before proceeding. These can be found at the bottom of this page. Below you will find short instructions on how to create and complete a study plan, how to get authorization and how to log in to the system.

Authorization in the System

To be able to create or read a study plan for the doctoral students that you are either main supervisor or co-supervisor for, your department administrator that is in charge of doctoral students must assign you the role 'supervisor". Contact the administrator at your department to get the role of "supervisor" if you cannot creat a studyplan (you don’t need to fill out any forms). As a doctoral student, you automatically will be given the role "doctoral student".

 Apply for authorization via the link if you have tasks that require authorization as Director of doctoral education, Establisher , Department administrator or need "read only" authorization. 

Log in

Sign in with your KI-ID through the link ISP system 

Create and complete a study plan

  1. The supervisor creates a study plan by clicking on "study plans" in the menu bar, click on "New study plan" (middle of the page), select relevant doctoral student and then click on "Create"
  2. The following information in the study plan can only be completed by the main supervisor. You can fill them out when you create the study plan or on a later occasion, but before the study plan is sent for approval:
    • Doctoral programme (if applicable)
    • Planned study funding
    • Available fixed resources
    • Information about the main supervisor and co-supervisor
    • Compulsory courses
    • Division of supervisory duties
  3. Supervisor and the doctoral student completes the study plan together (for further instructions please see the user guide at the bottom of this page and for information about the outcomes for the doctoral education and other useful information that you will need completing the studyplan please see our staff portal).
  4. Contact the co-supervisor(s). The form “Agreement of the co-supervisor” (found below) must be signed and completed with information from the study plan. If the Co-supervisor(s) is not employed or affiliated to KI, please contact your department's administrator for assistance. The document can best be uploaded after the ISP-seminar.
  5. The following documents must be uploaded by the student or the supervisor:
    • Description of the research plan (if not included under 6.2)
    • CV of the PhD-student
    • Copy of “Decision: Admission to doctoral education”
    • Copy of “Agreement of the co-supervisor”       
    • Financial plan with attachments
    • Ethical approvals
    • If applicable, documents associated with double degree

Name the file according to the format: the name of the document, the student’s initials, date, which version of the ISP. Ex. Research plan_MS_190101_ISP2. You can edit the name after you uploaded the document. 

6. When you are satisfied with the study plan the doctoral student approves the study plan and it goes into the establishment process. Each institution can decide when in the process the ISP-seminar shall take place but we recommend that the study plan is sent (is approved by the student and supervisor) to the director of research education to read before the ISP seminar. He or she will thereafter send the study plan back to the student in order to make any adjustments, fill out the date of the seminar and upload the “agreement of the co-supervisor” after the ISP-seminar.

For more detailed instructions, see the user's guide below and form 3.1 (the previous paper ISP) in reference as to where the information fits into the ISP system. The latter is meant as help to navigate in the system for those who are familiar with the paper ISP forms.