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Deviation from course syllabus due to covid-19

KI's ambition is to be able to carry out as many planned doctoral courses as possible, despite the spread of the corona virus and the restrictions this entails. It is allowed to deviate from the teaching and learning activities established in the syllabus and, if necessary, also the form of examination, provided that the intended learning objectives of the course can still be achieved. This page describes how to document these deviations.

Due to the recommendations of the Public Health Agency in connection with the development of the spread of the new corona virus (and the disease covid-19), Karolinska Institutet decided on distance education from 18 March until the end of the spring semester. The decision may be extended.

Exceptions are made for compulsory scheduled practical components/proficiency training or practical examinations that are impossible to administer via distance but necessary for the achievement of the course objectives. These can be carried out, individually or in very small groups, if special care is taken in order to minimise the risk of infection.

Possibility to deviate from the syllabus

The Course and Programme Committee (KPK) decided on 11 March (dnr 1-227/2020) the possibility to make deviations from the course syllabus in crisis situations to enable the implementation of planned doctoral courses, and that such deviations should be notified the committee’s administrative officer.

The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) has announced that any changes to the syllabi may, in the current situation, be done afterwards. Should there be a review, UKÄ will not criticise a university that has urgently changed examination forms for infection prevention reasons without first changing the syllabi.

Decisions on deviations must be taken

Decisions on deviations (for HT20 courses) should be taken in advance of the course, or at least should the planned changes have been notified to the administrative officer of KPK in advance. In connection with his, the committee’s student representatives are informed and given the opportunity to give their views.

The decision about deviation from the syllabus is signed by the course director and sent to the administrative officer of KPK by email ( If a physical signature is not possible, the decision must be stated in the email or electronic signature via EduSign be used. A PDF copy will be returned to the course director when the decision has been signed. Archiving is done centrally.


Anna Gustafsson

Administrative officer

Erika Franzén

Chair of the Course and Programme Committee

Emilie Agardh

Vice chair of the Course and Programme Committee

Ingeborg Van Der Ploeg

Central Director of Studies