Digitalization portfolio

The Digitization portfolio brings together KI's IT related systems in a common model for governance and cooperation.

Why are we introducing the Digitization portfolio at KI?

The Digitization portfolio shall ensure clear and effective forms of cooperation between the administration, the core business and the IT Office. The purpose is:

  • To ensure that IT support provides the intended benefit at KI.
  • To obtain controllability where many organizational parties are involved.
  • To clarify roles and responsibilities.
  • To coordinate and prioritize management and development efforts.

Who is represented in the Digitization portfolio?

The Digitization portfolio is owned by the University Director, who appoints the Portfolio steering group.

The Portfolio consists of a virtual organization with employees from different parts of support operations, IT and core operations.

An overview of the existing programmes and management objects will be published here in the autumn, and updated as the work progresses. If you have any questions, please contact the Portfolio Office at


If you have questions regarding the Digitization portfolio, please contact the Portfolio Office at

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