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Doctoral students employed by another employer

Many doctoral students at KI combine their doctoral studies with other types of employment, e.g. in the healthcare or in the industry. Approximately 35 % of the doctoral students at KI have an active affiliation to Stockholm County Council (which is responsible for all publicly–financed health care in Stockholm County).

It is the responsibility of the Head of Department to upon admission to doctoral education assess whether a doctoral student can be ensured financial support during the entire period of their doctoral education. If the prospective doctoral student plans to pursue doctoral education in parallel with employment within another organisation, e.g. Stockholm County Council, there is a requirement that the head of the organisation approve the individual study plan. This means that the time proposed in the individual study plan should be set aside for doctoral education.

When doctoral education is to be performed within the framework of an employment with another employer than KI (for example Stockholm County Council), and the other employer is responsible for the financing, it is recommended that a contract is established that regulates the financial terms up to and including the intended degree

Social benefits

For questions regarding vacation, parental leave, illness and other benefits, please tur to the employer.


Doctoral students with questions regarding their education should contact the supervisor, study director ("studierektor") or administrator for doctoral education at their home department.