EIT Health support at KI

Support for Campus activities

EIT Health Lead at KI: Professor Jan-Olov Höög
Phone:+46-(0)8-524 877 40
Organizational unit:Jan-Olov Höögs group
E-mail: Jan-Olov.Hoog@ki.se

​Support for Innovation projects

EIT Health Coordinator at KI: Inger Lundqvist
Phone: +46-(0)8-524 864 31
Organizational unit: Grants Office
E-mail: Inger.Lundqvist@ki.se

Support for the Accelerator programme

Innovation Officer - KI Innovations AB Mats Ferm
Cell phone: +46 (0)70-5405253
E-mail: mats.ferm@kiinnovations.se

Support from External Engagement Office at KI

External Engagement Office (EEO) takes operational and strategic initiatives for new projects in education, innovation and business development for the benefit of health care.