ELN demonstrations and drop-in

ELN demos are run online via Zoom

Online dropin sessions for advice or troubleshooting can be booked with the ELNcoordinator

ELN demos

You can register for an online ELN demo. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Please find here the dates/times and the zoom registration links below


19/5 14:30-16:00 registration link


9/6 09:30-11:00 registration link

23/6 14:30-16:00 registration link 

ELN questions/problems

If you know how to use ELN but have a specific question/problem, you can book a Zoom meeting with the ELN coordinator to get help.

Email elnkoordinator@ki.se with the following information:

  • the type of problem/questions you are having
  • suggestion of days/times for a zoom meeting

The ELN coordinator will get back to you to book a meeting


Schedule a KI ELN lecture, training or workshop


Departments and divisions

contact the elnkoordinator@ki.se to schedule:

  • Research documentation and KI ELN lectures. Length and content adjusted to needs.
  • Research documentation and KI ELN workshops oriented towards a specific need or problem.


To prepare for an KI ELN-training or workshop

  • Create a KI ELN account
  • Explore the resources at ki.se/ELN
  • Prepare questions