ELN demonstrations and drop-in

ELN demos will be run online via Zoom

Online dropin sessions for advice or troubleshooting can be booked via Microsoft Bookings

ELN demos

Join the ELN coordinator for an introduction to ELN during ELN demos.

There is one morning session and one evening session every month.

Please find here the dates/times and the zoom links for ELN demos:


28 JAN: zoom link 14:30-16:00


18 FEB: zoom link 9:30-11:00

25 FEB: zoom link 14:30-16:00


11 MAR: zoom link 9:30-11:00

25 MAR: zoom link 14:30-16:00


8 APR: zoom link 9:30-11:00

22 APR: zoom link 14:30-16:00


6 MAY: zoom link 9:30-11:00

20 MAY: zoom link 14:30-16:00


3 JUN: zoom link 9:30-11:00

17 JUN: zoom link 14:30-16:00

ELN dropins


Get practical help online with your ELN questions during ELN dropins.


Book a 30min slot through Microsoft bookings

Select a date and a time, fill in your name, email address and phone number and press "Boka".

There is one morning session and one evening session every month (starting from August).


Dates/Times available: 


28 JAN: 9:30-12:30


18 FEB: 13:00-16:00

25 FEB: 9:30-12:30


11 MAR: 13:00-16:00

25 MAR: 9:30-12:30


8 APR: 13:00-16:00

22 APR: 9:30-12:30


6 MAY: 13:00-16:00

20 MAY:  9:30-12:30


3 JUN: 13:00-16:00

17 JUN: 9:30-12:30


Schedule a KI ELN lecture, training or workshop


Departments and divisions

contact the elnkoordinator@ki.se to schedule:

  • Research documentation and KI ELN lectures. Length and content adjusted to needs.
  • Research documentation and KI ELN workshops oriented towards a specific need or problem.


Individual researchers and research groups

contact the elnkoordinator@ki.se to schedule KI ELN demos.


To prepare for an KI ELN-training or workshop

  • Create a KI ELN account
  • Explore the resources at ki.se/ELN
  • Prepare questions