Enhancing data storage at KI

During the autumn term of 2020, a project to simplify and improve data storage at Karolinska Institutet was initiated.
Among the biggest changes are the phase-out of the services KI Box, KI Cloud and the home directory H:, as well as re-modelling of the shared data storage G:.

The project is currently working with copying data from KI Box to OneDrive. The changes to the services directory H: and KI Cloud has been paused. 

The overall goal for the data storage project is competitive and secure storage with improved collaboration and sharing features for both colleagues and external users.

To simplify and support KI's employees, the central IT Office has decided to perform all copying of data from KI Box, H: and OwnCloud. Please note that the project does not have access to the content of any copied files and data, the project will only see the number of files copied.

In 2021, the central IT Office will:

  • Copy all users’ data from KI Box to OneDrive (approx. 8734 users)
  • Implement a change of G: where parts of users' data are copied to P: (approx. 11,000 users)

The changes to the following storage services is currently paused:

  • Copy all users’ home data from directory H: to OneDrive (approx. 11,000 users)
  • Copy all users’ data from OwnCloud (KI Cloud) to OneDrive (approx. 4,648 users)

Discontinue of services

After the copying of data to OneDrive is completed, KI Box, the Home Catalogue and OwnCloud will be discontinued.

Why is it necessary to change the data storage at KI?

Data storage at Karolinska Institutet has for many years been expanded and developed organically. The development has taken place at the IT Office, departments as well as core facilities. Due to this organic development, there are today many varying solutions for data storage based on many different techniques, software, routines and processes.

Improvements with the changes:

  • Storage with improved collaboration and sharing features.
  • Need-based storage options with P: L: and S3:
  • Reduced costs through the closure of certain services.
  • Improved tools and interfaces for monitoring services and data protection.

The project does not work with:

  • The project does not work with information classification of user's files and data. This responsibility lies with the department and the owner of the information.
  • The project does not work with the purchase/ installation of new technology as services are in already in operation and security-classified since before. The project copies data from service A to B.
  • The project assists with copying and control of file transfer, but you must verify that you are happy with your copy immediately after completion.
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The project started in August 2020 and will continue for one year.

Available data storage and sharing services

The table describes the data storage and sharing services available at KI, the type of data that can be stored, how the services are accessed, and how to connect to the storage itself.

Data storage and sharing services


Central storage


Should the total amount of stored data on project folders, lab folders, or S3 storage exceed 70 TB, the institution will be charged an additional cost of SEK 1.34/GB/year.

Available data storage and sharing services - services


OneDrive Teams Group folder Project folder Lab folder S3 storage Managed File Transfer (MFT)
Description Cloud Cloud Central storage Central storage Central storage Central storage Central storage
Fee No No No Yes Yes Yes No
Personal files and data Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Large sets of data No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Collaborating with employees at or affiliated to KI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Collaborating with external and non-KI parties Yes Yes No No No Yes No
File transfer No No No No No No Yes, data is deleted after 30 days

Data classification

Public data Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GDPR data Yes1 Yes1 Yes Yes Yes Yes2 Yes


KI network or VPN required No No Yes Yes Yes No No
Accessible from internet Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Employees/affiliates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
External users Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes

Accessing the storage

Webinterface Yes Yes No No No No Yes
Client on the computer Yes Yes No No No No No
SFTP No No No No No No Yes
Mapped as a folder Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
  1. Provided that Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is activated for everyone having access to the data.
  2. As long as shared within KI, S3 storage is approved for GDPR data. We are examining how/if GDPR data can be shared outside of KI with the S3 storage.

How data will be copied from KI Box to OneDrive

The project is supported by specialists from Microsoft who have also supported other universities. The copying of data will be carried out for each service separately and take place in groups of users.

Data will be copied during January - March 2021. The exact time for when your data will be copied, depends on which group you are placed in. You will be contacted by email 5 days prior to when the copying of your data will start.

    Details about the copying of data from KI Box to OneDrive:

    • All files and folders will be copied from Box.com to the destination folder "Copied_from_Box.com" folder in OneDrive.
    • Only files that you own in KI Box will be copied. Files owned by others and shared with you are not affected. If you have no files on KI Box, no copying will take place and the folder "Copied_from_Box.com" will be created but lack content.
    • Files that are in stored in KI Box and are marked as deleted, i.e. are marked as "trash", will not be copied to OneDrive.
    • If you share folders with other users within KI, those users will automatically be invited to the same shared folder in OneDrive.
    • If you share folders with users outside of KI, you will have to re-assign any permissions to the folder from OneDrive to those users again.
    • If you share a file, you must share the file to other users again, regardless of whether it is shared within or outside KI.
    • The files stored in your KI Box account will remain in the service for a total of 4 weeks. For 2 weeks the account will be set to “Read only”, after that the account will be put on hold during 2 weeks, before it is is closed.
      Please note, that even if your KI Box account is set in "read only", you can still login to see which files and folders you have shared to others, which can help you if you need to share again. How to identify shared files in KI Box

    Video: Recording of Information meeting held on 19 November

    Presentation at information meeting on 19 November 2020


    For questions about the project or the project organisation, please contact IT support or call: 08-524 822 22.