Enhancing data storage at KI

A project to simplify and improve data storage at Karolinska Institutet has been launched in August 2020. Some of the changes involve the phasing out of KI Box, KI Cloud, and the home directory H:, as well as re-modelling of the shared data storage G:.

The following storage areas will be affected

  • KI Box in 2020, to be replaced by Onedrive.
  • Home Directory (H:), discontinued and replaced by Onedrive.
  • Personal data storage in Onedrive (up to 5 TB).
  • KI Cloud to be discountinued and replaced by new services.
  • Shared Data Storage (G:) limited to 3 TB for administrative data.
  • Data storage on project folders (P:), Lab folders (L:) and S3 up to 70 TB per department will be free of charge at the latest when the project is completed. Storage above 70 TB/department will then be charged SEK 1.34 per GB per year.


The project will be implemented over a period of at least 10 months and has started in August 2020. The original schedule has been moved forward due to the coronavirus outbreak.  

Why is it necessary to change the data storage at KI? 

Data storage at Karolinska Institutet has expanded and developed organically over the years. The expansion and development have been made both by the IT office, the departments and the core facilities, resulting in various solutions based on a wide range of technologies, software, routines and processes. 

The improvements that are being made will imply:

  • a more secure data storage 
  • significantly increased information security and 
  • simplified data sharing
  • a more cost effective data storage


For more information about the project, please contact it-support@ki.se