Frequently asked questions

Here you can find information and often asked questions referring to EU, SIDA and US projects. Please contact your financial manager at GMO if you have further questions.


I have "schablonsemester" - do I fill in actual vacation or according to Primula?

Fill in when you acctually had vacation.

Can stipends be charged on the EU-project?

No, stipends cannot be charged on EU-projects. A stipend at KI is given for educational purposes and can not be seen as a personel cost.


What do I do if a supplier I need to use is not procured?

Goods and services should be purchased from procured companies. Additional info can be found in Purchase and public procurement KI’s site. In case a purchase must be done from a not procured company, please contact your department’s Procurement Administrator or KI’s procurement office. For purchases below 100 000 SEK from companies that have not been procured, please fill in the “Form for purchases outside a signed agreement”.

What do I do if I am using equipment in the project?

For equipment costs on the project, a log book is needed. For ERC H2020 projects please make sure the equipment is foreseen in the Annex I and in the budget estimation. In case it is not please contact your Financial Manager at GMO. For SIDA and US projects please contact you Financial Manager at GMO for more information.


What do I do when traveling within a project?

When traveling within the project you will need to follow the rules and regulations of travelling set up by KI. Please ensure that supporting documents sent to GMO includes agenda for the meeting (poster in case of an dissemination) and an e-ticket (Set up by BCD-travel). 

Other questions

Can I charge corefacilities, animal housing or SciLifeLab on the project?

Internal costs, eg core facilities, animal housing and SciLifeLab (KI invoices) require auditable calculations with supporting documents. The department is responsible that these calculations are attached to the invoice. The department should also send the auditable calculations with the supporting documents to GMO. If GMO hasn’t received the auditable calculations with supporting documents in time for the reporting the cost cannot be claimed on the EU-project.

What is needed in case of a collaboration with SLL?

If you are going to collaborate with SLL it needs to be stated during the application process, please contact (link to pre-contract email). In the case that it is not stated in the Grant Agreement, please contact your Financial Manager at GMO immediately so an amendment process can be discussed.

What is a auditability?

Auditability begins with the invoice. It means that it is possible to trace the amounts in the invoice down to the components that have created it. Examples of this that your GMO manager may need are animal cost calculations or salary specifications.