Frequently asked questions regarding data storage at KI

With the changes that have been initiated to improve and simplify data storage at Karolinska Institutet, we have gathered frequently asked questions and their answers on this page.

How to sync shared folders in OneDrive

Recommended file sharing systems

I have collaborations with other universities and with partners in the industry. What system do you recommend for sharing files?

Sharing files with external partners, such as other universities and colleges, is preferably done through OneDrive. It is possible to upload data to OneDrive and share it with people inside and outside of KI.


What does GDPR-classified data mean?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is the law created to protect people and personal data in the EU. Among other things, it handles sensitive personal data. Please contact the Research Data Office (RDO) if you have any further questions.

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Pricing and volumes

How much does the storage service cost?

OneDrive includes 5 TB per user with no additional charge.

Storage located on KI's central file servers include 70 TB / department.

In addition, the department will be charged SEK 1.29 / GB / year for storage exceeding 70 TB.

How many Project or Lab Folders can I have?

There is no limit to the number of project or lab folders a person can have. What determines the cost is the amount of data stored.

Storage folders on KI’s central file servers - Group, project and lab folders

What are group folders, project folders, and lab folders?

Group folders (aka G: ) is the storage that everyone in the group has access to. It is primarily intended for administrative documentation, such as processes, procedures, and routines for working in a group. It is therefore not intended for research data or other heavy storage volumes. Instead, research data or other heavy storage volumes should be stored in project or lab folders.

You can access group folders from KI's client network on campus or via VPN.

Project folders (aka P: ) is a storage area anyone can order to store research data or other data that does not fit in the group folders.

You can access project folders from KI's client network on campus or via VPN.

Lab folders are the same as project folders, but with the option to also access them from KI's lab network.

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How do I get rights to existing folders in Group, Project and Lab Folders?

The rights of the groups are based on where in the organization you work. Anyone employed or affiliated with a group can access to the group's storage folder.

Project and Lab Folders are managed by the folder owner, who in turn orders them from ITA.

How do I access group folders, project and lab folders?

If you have a KI client computer (migrated computer within Coordinated IT), group and project folders are automatically connected to your computer if you are connected to the right network. However, lab folders must be connected manually.

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If you are using a stand-alone computer that isn’t provided by ITA, you will need to connect to the folders manually.

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S3 storage

What is S3 storage?

S3 is object storage that uses the S3 protocol to manage data.

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What can I store in the S3 storage?

The S3 storage is approved for GDPR data, up to and including sensitive personal data for internal use within KI.

The sharing of data via S3 to external parties is currently being investigated. We will follow up with more information on what level of data can be shared.


If you have a question not answered on this page or for other questions to the project, please contact IT Support via KI IT Selfservice