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Guide to install Eduroam for IPhone/IPad

To be able to connect your iPhone/iPad to Eduroam, you must install a file. You only need to do this once, after the first installation your iPhone/iPad will connect and log in itself automatically whenever in an Eduroam area.

(Please note some of the pictures below are in Swedish).

Install Eduroam

Go to using your iPhone/iPad (use Safari Web Browser). You will get to this page. for iPhone/iPad

Choose your language, country, institution (in this case Karolinska Institutet) and operating system.

Press OK to download the file.

choose language, country, institution

Check that the language is correct, or change if necessary.

Press ”Download installer…”

Download installer 1

Press “Download installer…” once again

download installer

Press ”Install” (Installera) up in the right corner.

Install profile

Once again press ”Install” (Installera) up in the right corner.

Install 2 (IPhone/iPad)

Press ”Install” (Installera)

installera 3

Fill in your KI password (the same as for your e-mail) and press “Next” (Nästa). The same applies for you who are a student.

Employee: (eg. and your password.
Student: (eg. and your password.

usernameanvändarnamn och lösenord

Press ”Done” (Klar) and Eduroam should work!

profil installerad

Now the Eduroam network will be available, and your phone will automatically connect to the Eduroam when you are in the area of a Eduroam network.

Eduroam selected (iPhone/iPad)