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Guide to install Eduroam for Mac

Guide to install Eduroam for Mac

In order to install Eduroam on your Mac you first need to download a installation file.

Once the settings are done you will be connected to Eduroam automatically each time you are in the area of an Eduroam network.


Visit the Eduroam portal by clicking on the link below and follow the instructions to download the suitable installation file:

Click “Download your eduroam installer”

eduroam hemsida och download

Choose ”Karolinska Institutet”

Lista på högskolor och universitet - eduroam för  Mac

The system will automatically identify what kind of operating system you are running and you only have press the button “Download you eduroam installer”:

förval av operativsystem för nedladdning av Eduroam

Double click on the installation file from the status bar in order to start installation:

 installationsfil för Mac

Choose ”Continue”:

vill du installera?

Choose ”Continue”:

vill du installera 2?

Fill in your KI ID as username" according to the following standard:

Employee: (eg. and your KI password.
Student: (eg. and your KI password.

Then choose Next:

inloggning för Mac

Enter the password of your Mac computer as below:

ange lösenord Mac dator

When the installation process is done it will summarize your new eduroam SSID and all the certificates have been installed as below:

sammanfattning Mac

Now you are connected to eduroam automatically.
If not, connect to eduroam as shown on the picture below:

klart att ansluta i lista av trådlösa nätverk för Mac