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Guide to install Eduroam for PC (Windows)

To be able to connect your to Eduroam, you must install a file. You only need to install it once, after the first installation your computer will connect and log in itself automatically whenever in an Eduroam area.

Install Eduroam

You may find the installation file here:

Press ”Download”: for downloading program to PC

Choose Karolinska Institutet from the list:

List of universities and schools - eduroam (for PC)

Press ”download Eduroam installer ”(The program will recognize which operating system you are using):

Skärmdump nerladdning av installationsfil till PC

Click ”Kör (Run)” (depending on which browser you are using). This is what it looks like on Internet Explorer (it may look different on other web browsers).

Run or save the file and then open it.

click on "kör" (=run) installation file Eduroam for PC

Open the file you just downloaded and press "Kör" (Run):

kör/run the downloaded file Eduroam for PC

When this box pops up - choose "Next”:

installation guide Eduroam for PC start

The following warning messages may appear during the installation process. If so, just press ”Ja” (yes).

warning message during installation/downloading process (for PC)

Fill in your KI ID ( and then your KI password (same as for your e-mail). The same applies for students.

Employee: (eg. and your password.
Student: (eg. and your password.

Then press "Install”:

Login with username and password (KI credentials)

Once the installation is done, press "Finish":

downloading of Eduroam for PC done

Connect to Eduroam

At the bottom right of your desktop (in the taskbar) you will see this icon, wifi-ikon. As you left click with your mouse button over the icon, a list will of available wireless networks will appear. Choose Eduroam and press Anslut/Connect. Now you should be connected!

List of available wireless networks