Health Hour

Would you like to book an hour with KI Health Promotion?

We offer the following bookable health hours:

ACT Workout

Acceptance and Commitment Training. ACT can be described as ”Accept, Choose, Take action". In this session we are practicing different approaches and using different tools for a more manageable workday.

Elisabeth Svanfeldt

Health Promotion Specialist
UF Central Administration

Early Signs

Get to know your stress - reactions and consequences. Topics: mangaing workrelated stress on individual, group and organizational level. 

Ergo Move

A practical session from an ergonomical perspective: ergonomical principles, ergonomic tips for a sustainable and healthy work style. 

Patrik Emanuelsson

Team leader
UF Central Administration

Movement Basics

A practical hour with the body as the starting point - learn useful movements which you can do anywhere, at anytime. 

Anna Christiansen

Health Promotion Specialist
UF Central Administration