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Health Promotion at Neuro

Health promotion at the Department of Neuroscience and Karolinska Institutet.

Health promotion reimbursement

All employees and PhD students at Karolinska Institutet can receive the health promotion reimbursement (maximum SEK 1,500 per calendar year). One must work at least 20 % in order to receive the reimbursement. Affiliated researchers, grant-funded workers or those on leave of absence or retirement pension are not entitled to the health promotion reimbursement (but persons on parental leave or sick leave are exempted). If you are employed for a period shorter than 6 months, you can receive half the health promotion reimbursement.

One can receive the health promotion reimbursement for gym cards (annual membership, punch tickets and single-entry tickets). Subsidized activities are aerobic physical activities, e.g. aerobics, gymnastics, strength training, racquet and ball sports, swimming, dancing, martial arts and yoga. Activities which demand expensive equipment such as golf, sailing and riding are not included, nor are treatments and passive therapies which are not considered as physical training.

How to receceive your health promotion

  • Register your expense in the PA-web (Primula) as ”preventive health care”, fill in and print the form, attach the original receipt/account statement to the form.
  • Send the form to Axel Bergwik no later than 30 November the current year.
  • The original receipt is to show your name, the amount paid, the date, duration period and type of activity.
  • If you have paid by autogiro, you must send in a copy of the bank statement and a receipt from the health club showing all the items detailed above.

Discounts and benefits

As a KI-employee you can get discounts for membership cards at several sports facilities and gyms in Stockholm. All you need to do is show your KI-card (entry card) when purchasing a membership card in order to get the discount. Below some of the facilites where KI usually benefits of discounts:

  • Friskis Stockholm offers a 15 % discount on the all year cards. Valid for employees and students.
  • Balance Training offers a 15 % discount on membership cards (gym, group exercise classes, two hours personal training included). Valid for employees and students.
  • World Class offers discounts on small/medium/large cards as well as on the student card (349 SEK/month). Free membership and 10 day free trial.
  • Gå & Löpkliniken offers a 10% discount on orthopedic inner soles, walking- and running shoes.

Health Promotion hour

Employees have the possibility to use one paid work hour per week (within ordinary working hours as an active pause) for health-promoting activities. This is to be approved by one’s immediate employer. The health promotion hour cannot be divided into sessions less than 30 minutes/occasion, cannot be accumulated, or taken in advance.

Previa – occupational health service

Previa is Karolinska Institutet's collaborative partner within health and the working environment and provides complete occupational health care for work-related issues.

More information about Previa is available on the KI Staff Portal.

Falck Healthcare

As a complement to Previa occupational health service, KI has now extended the collaboration with Falck Healthcare, providing telephone councelling if needed.

The staff support, which is financed by KI for up to three calls per case, covers both work-related and private matters. The service assists with matters concerning for example questions regarding legal matters or personal finances, personal crises, addiction issues and relationship problems.

Managers can also use the service to request managerial support for situations concerning, for example, working groups.

Please note that this service is not available for affiliates/associates or undergraduate students.

Health promotion ombudsperson

Axel Bergwik

HR supervisor
08-524 878 61