How to pre-book and check in for activities

Follow the steps to pre-book a time slot in the gym and register your entry.

1 Create an account in the booking system "Gymsystem"

The best way is to create your account on a computer.

  • Go to Gymsystem
  • Choose "Create account" from the left menu
  • Follow the instructions

Use your or student email account

2 Pre-book a time slot in the app "Zoezi"

  • Download "Zoezi" app on AppStore/Google Play 
  • Choose " Friskvården KI"
  • Click cog wheel button to select campus (Solna/Flemingsberg/Online)

3 Check in on arrival

  • Use the app Zoezi
  • Press "Home" and "Check in and open door"
  • Scan QR-code to register entry and open the door

You may check in 15 minutes before and during the whole session.


Can I use my personal e-mail address to create an account?

No. We only approve or

How far in advance can I book a  time slot?

Two weeks.

How many slot can I book?

You can book a maximum of 8 slots per week. NB! Only one booking/day in the gym and sports hall.

What happen if I miss my booking slot? 

If you miss to cancel you booking slot you will get a warning. After 3 warnings your acount will be blocked for two weeks.

The "check-in" doesn´t work.

Check-in can be carried out 15 minutes before your time slot starts and during the whole pre-booked time slot. Make sure that you have chosen the correct campus site in the upper drop-down list.

The QR-code doesn´t work in Flemingsberg.

  • Go to cog wheel (upper right corner)
  • Choose site "Solna"
  • Go to "Home"
  • Go back to cog wheel, choose site "Flemingsberg" and "Change domain Flemingsrberg"
  • Go to "Home"-button and check in

The QR-code doesn´t work in Solna.

  • Go to cog wheel (upper right corner)
  • Choose site "Flemingsberg"
  • Go to "Home"
  • Go back to cog wheel, choose site "Solna" and "Change domain to Solna"
  • Go to "Home"-button and check in

I can´t get in at 6 am in Solna. 

You need to have access to the BZ-house. Please contact Security Department:

What happens with my personal information?

All personal data is processed according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about GDPR at KI.