HR Office

The HR department drives the overall HR work within KI, provides consultative support to the organization and are responsible for certain central PA functions. 

Areas of work

  • support for attracting, recruiting, motivating, developing and retaining the right employees 
  • leadership development and fostering a working environment that promotes innovation and performance
  • labor law and negotiation 
  • payroll administration, insurance, systems development and travel management 


The management of the HR department has overall responsibility for personnel issues. It also leads the internal work of the HR department and represents the department externally. 

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Anna Kilander

Acting Head of Unit
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Patrik Rosén

Head of Unit

Negotiation Unit

Negotiation Unit is responsible for KI:s negotiating activities and local collective agreements. The unit provides advice and support to the departments on labor law issues, other personnel matters and in matters of adaption.

For general questions regarding personnel matters and labor law, one of the HR specialists at the negotiating unit can be contacted.

Work areas

  • Provides support for departments and management in labor law and in matters of employment conditions
  • Negotiates KI's local collective agreements
  • Responsible for KI's negotiation activities
  • Develops collaboration with the trade unions
  • Conducts and coordinates KI's salary review process and performs the annual salary survey
  • Handles adaptation- and redundancy processes
  • Rules for secondary occupation


Competence Provision Unit

The Competence Provision Unit is responsible for providing strategic and operational support to the departments throughout the process of attracting, recruiting, introducinge and retaining the best employees


  • Docent applications, including the Docent Committee office
  • Health Promotion
  • International Staff Services
  • Leadership Development
  • Recruitment of Professors and Senior Lecturers, including the Recruitment Committee office
  • Recruitment support
  • Statistics
  • Work environment and health


Payroll Unit

The Payroll Unit handles payments of salaries, grants, fees etc. to approximately 5,000 persons each month. We also manage the HR system Primula.


  • Register all sorts of salary and wage records in the HR system
  • Manage, maintain and develop the HR system Primula (client and PA web)
  • Inform and educate about salary and wage legislation and agreements
  • Inform and educate about payroll and tax administration
  • Give advice in payroll, agreement and taxation issues
  • Establish guidelines and policies
  • Handle insurance policies for visiting researchers and students, private group insurance and travel insurance policies
  • Handle pensions
  • Reconcile advances and enter deductions in the books
  • Follow up internally


Recruitment of Professors and Lecturers


  • Docent applications, including the Docent Committee office
  • International Staff Services
  • Recruitment of Professors and Senior Lecturers, including the Recruitment Committee office
  • Recruitment support


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