Improved audio and coverage for mobile phone subscriptions

On the 6th of April Telia will upgrade KI’s mobile subscriptions to improve call coverage and quality.

On the 6th of April at 4 am, Telia will do an upgrade of the Mex-subscriptions (mobile extension, KI's standard subscription) to improve call quality and coverage by access to the services VoLTE and WiFi.

VoLTE, Voice over LTE, means voice over the 4G network, and WiFi, voice over wireless network.

Stand-alone mobile subscriptions already have this option.

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Upgrade to improve call quality

Your subscription will be upgraded so your mobile phone calls also can be made on the 4G network or on KI’s local network. This will shorten the connection time and improve call coverage and quality.

A prerequisite to be able to use the new services is that your mobile phone supports 4G and VoLTE. All modern smartphones do support these services.

All further features will remain unchanged, it is only the traffic that will be directed in a different way when VoLTE is activated in the subscriptions.

What you need to do to activate the service

Update your phone with the latest software

Make sure that the latest version of the phone’s program software is installed. It is easily done by letting your phone search for updates and then install the latest version. The reason why it is important to upgrade to the latest software is that the manufacturer can optimize its software linked to VoLTE functions, such as fixing bugs and the handling of specific services, which is occurring constantly.

Activate VoLTE and WiFi calls

To be able to access the VoLTE and WiFi call services, your phone needs to support these services. VoLTE is normally activated on most phones, but for some phone models VoLTE needs to be activated under “settings” on your phone. Read more about how you activate the setting below under common questions.

After the upgrade

If you can’t access VoLTE and WiFi calls after the upgrade, restart your phone.

Frequently asked questions

What will be the difference for me as a user when I start using VoLTE?

You will experience faster call connection time and improved call coverage and quality.

Does it cost more or is my surf affected by calling with VoLTE? 

No, VoLTE calls is just like a regular call but is run on another, the 4G, network.

How do I active VoLTE in my phone?

Follow Telia's instructions for activation of VoLTE.

How do I activate WiFi calls in my phone?

Follow Telia's instructions for activation of WiFi calls.

How do I make a WiFi call?

Just like a normal call, the only difference is that the call is directed over the WiFi network.

How do I update my phone to the latest program software?


Upgrade iPhone


Upgrade Samsung Galaxy

Other brands

Visit the manufacturer’s support portal and search for “update software” or similar. Then follow the instructions.


Please contact KI IT Selfservice