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Information about Brexit to HR-supervisors at KI

British citizens working at KI

The European Council have agreed to extend the deadline for the British withdrawal to 31 January 2020. The Swedish Migration Agency has information for example on how British citizens and their relatives will be affected in the event of a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit.

If the proposed exit agreement is also approved by the European Parliament and the British Parliament, a transitional period will enter into force, and will last until the end of 2020. It means that during this period, British citizens and their relatives who are third country nationals may reside, work and study in Sweden without residence and work permits.

In case of a “hard” Brexit, the Swedish government has adopted a framework in which British citizens will be subject to exemption rules. In this case every individual is automatically covered by the exemption and does not need to apply for residence/work permits. However, those who wish to travel during this transitional period will require to apply for a proof of permission at the Swedish Migration Agency.

For more information regarding questions related to residence or work permits for British citizens and their relatives please contact the Swedish Migration Agency.

The Swedish Migration Agency updates the information about Brexit on an ongoing basis. Please visit:

For more information on the work of the Swedish Government and the Government Offices in response to the Brexit process please visit their website:

Swedish citizens working in the UK

For information on how Brexit may affect Swedish citizens working in the UK please visit the website, Embassy of Sweden, UK (en) (sv)