Information about the how to conduct a purchase

Many of your purchases can be done by using KI's own framework agreement, which you will find in the Agreement Catalog (sv Avtalskatalogen). The reason why KI has its own framework agreements is that KI's needs may differ from those of other state authorities.
If you can’t find the product/service that you require by searching in our own Agreement Catalog please continue your search at Kammarkollegiets website for national agreements, please see link below.

Existing agreements

Basic information

Purchasing and EU accounting

  • The Purchasing and Procurement Unit does not handle, assess or approve questions about purchases or deviations from framework agreements with regard to EU funding. This applies regardless of the purchase amount, i.e. also purchases under SEK 100,000. All questions regarding EU funding are directed to the GMO Grants Management Office (not the Purchase and Public Procurement Department).
  • If for example GMO considers that a framework agreement is required for purchases with EU funding, then the institution must follow GMO's guidelines for EU funding, as this question is within GMO:s mandate.

The Purchase and Public Procurement Department does not make any assessments of what requirements are set for purchases with EU funding, regardless of amount.

Ongoing procurements

Karolinska Institutet`s ongoing procurements at the moment.


In case you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing and Procurement Unit.


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