Installing a key file for SFTP

If external users want to access the MFT service using SFTP in order to share and receive data, they must use a key file, since it is not possible to access the service with their multi-factor authentification app. On this page is a guide to installing the key file for SFTP

1. When you have received a key file for your account, open your browser and log into A new folder called ”sftp-key” should now appear.

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2. Open the folder and download the key file that it contains. The password file contains the password for using the file in a SFTP client.

3. Instructions for using the key file in FileZilla will follow. It is also possible to follow a similar procedure in other SFTP clients.

4. Open FileZilla and click on "Edit" ("Redigera") and "Settings..." ("Inställningar...").

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5. A new box appears. Select  "SFTP" and click on "Add key file..." (”Lägg till nyckelfil…”).

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6. This brings up a box in which you must select the key file. Go to the site where you saved the key file and select it. Then follow the instructions.

7. When you have done this, open "File" (”Arkiv”) and select "Site Manager..." (”Platshanteraren…”).

Picture o guide/ print screen
Beskrivning guide. Foto: n/a

8. Create a new site using ”New site” and enter the following:

  • Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Host:
  • Logon Type: Interactive
  • User: email address for your account

9. Then click "Connect" ("Anslut") and enter your password. You then gain access via SFTP.

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