Introductory courses for purchase and procurement

The purchase and procurement unit aims to increase the awareness amongst KI employees in regards to correct purchases and procurement as well as LOU (Swedish Public Procurement Act).

Dates 2018

Courses are held in Swedish.

Our classes

The procurement unit offers several different education packages within the area of purchase and procurement.

Several different courses are held on a regular basis. These courses are available for KI employees and require pre-registration. The unit also has the possibility to arrange for a smaller course to the separate institution or unit. This also allows for the institution or unit to ask more specific questions in concern to their needs and requests. However, there is of minimum of 10 participants.

Introductory course step 1

  • Introduction to Public Procurement Act
  • Direct awards 1
  • The procurement Process
  • Frame agreement 1
  • Environment and sustainability 1
  • E-Purchasing
  • Information from the unit of archive and registry

Participants gain a more general understanding of procurement and purchase. The aim of this course is to give an introductory basis to the procurement rules and regulations as well as the processes at KI. Focusing on why issues and concern of environment and sustainability is part of the KI procurement process.

Introductory course step 2

  • Frame agreement 2
  • Direct awards 2
  • Exemptions in LOU
  • Information from GMO
  • E-purchasing

In the step 2 course we go a step further and focus on direct awards, e.g. how you can purchase from the existing e-purchase which has frame agreements. Within this course we also break down the different exemptions that are possible in the public procurement act.

Introductory course in purchase and procurement for recently employed superiors at KI

  • KI Purchasing volume and patterns at KI
  • Public procurement Act.
  • Purchasing rules and procurement processes
  • Frame agreements and call-off routines.
  • Sanctions
  • E-purchase

This 90 min course gives the particpant an introduction to the rules and regulations in purchase and procurement at Karolinska institutet, as well as on how to use them in a correct manner. Nonetheless, the course provides the tools and information from other authorities which are also part of the purchase and procurement process, such as e-procurement and procurement sanctions.

Short introduction of LOU

  • Introduction to public procurement
  • KI purchasing rules KI
  • Frame agreements
  • Sanctions

This 20 min course provides the participant with information in regards to the EU directives which regulates the Swedish public procurement Act (LOU). Participants are also given information on how KI works and how it is centralized, as well as other authorities supervising the university and what financial sanctions might be given if incorrect purchases are made.


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