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IT and telephony at LIME

Information on telephony and IT-related issues can be found below.

IT-related issues

LIME's IT unit can help you with:

  • Software installation and support (to a certain extent)
  • Hardware support (LIME computers only)
  • Troubleshooting, upgrading
  • Network troubleshooting (KI network)

When should you contact IT support at KI?

Issues related to VPN, e-mail, wireless networks, joint university IT and telephony, and systems such as Agresso, Platina, Primula, WISUM and Ladok are handled by KI's central IT support.

Contact KI's central IT support


Phone: +46 (0)8-524 822 22

Office hours at KI IT support

Problems with your password?

You may have missed the expiration deadline. If your password has expired (and if you still remember your latest password), go to and change your password - even though it has expired - by following the instructions. If you cannot remember your password, contact who will be able to assist you.

More information - Accounts and passwords


If your mobile phone is broken

If the mobile phone is covered by a warrantee, contact LIME IT.

In case of an incident resulting in, for instance, a broken display, check with your immediate manager/group leader if you can have the mobile phone repaired and paid for by your centre/division/group/unit. If your immediate manager/group leader agrees, get a quotation from a repair service center of your choice. If the quotation is approved by your immediate manager/group leader, you will be reimbursed on the condition that you attach the receipt to your exepense report which is to be registered in the PA-web/Primula).

Do you need to buy a new mobile phone?

  1. Have a look at the range of available products on the ordering/purchasing portal WISUM by selecting "Produkter & tjänster".
  2. Check with your immediate manager/group leader which products have been approved (see Telephone policy below).
  3. Notify LIME IT which mobile phone you would like to order (including accessories, if applicable). Specify the article number or log in to WISUM, select your products and add them to the shopping cart and send to LIME IT.
  4. Notify your immediate telephony administrator/unit reviewer which project number is to be charged for the purchase. The order will not go through unless it has been assigned a project number.
  5. The mobile phone will be delivered to your immedicate telephony administrator/immediate telephony administrator/unit reviewer within a week, if the product is available and in stock (you can check availability in WISUM)

Telephone policy

If you use a mobile phone as your work phone, it is the Department's policy to let you choose from the lower/simpler range of mobile phones recommended by the IT office. You will find a selection of mobile phones on WISUM under "Recommended mobile phones". The standard subscription (Category 32 according to the category plan for mobile phones), is a mobile extension (MEX), with the range "Sweden and mobile phones".

In case there is an increased need to use the mobile phone as a working tool, your immediate manager/group leader will decide what model and what kind of subscription would be appropriate (extended range) based on needs and resources.

Contact LIME IT & Telephony


Erik Attoff

IT technician

Ludwig Berglund

IT technician