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KI Work Environment and Health Award 2018

The Work Environment and Health Award was established in 2014 to stimulate improvements and innovations relating to efforts in the field of work environment and health.

The Prize

The award consists of a certificate and 30 000 SEK, to use for further joint activities in the workplace to promote health at work.


The prize winner may be an employee/co-worker, a manager, a team, a workplace or a department/equivalent.


Prize winner must meet at least two of the following four criteria:

  • Through an effort or a way of working, which is characterized by innovation, contributed greatly to colleagues' job satisfaction, commitment and business performance.
  • Contributed to a work environment that is characterized by comfort and community, open communication, respect and participation.
  • Through consisting action contributed to an improvement of the work environment and health management .
  • Through the efforts, which greatly improved the health and well-being, contributed to an attractive workplace.

Nominations and Award Committee

This spring co-workers and students at KI were invited to nominate candidates between 22 January – 13 April 2018.
The nomination had to describe real and practical examples on how the candidate fulfills at least two of the four above criteria.

This year's winner

Of the eight nominees - all with good examples of dedicated work environment activities - finally, Head of Division of Physiotherapy Maria Hagströmer and her co-workers at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society were selected as the winner. They received the price of 30,000 SEK for their integrated work environment management at the division.

The statement reads: "Head of division Maria Hagströmer, together with her co-workers at the Division of Physiotherapy, ensure that work and health work is naturally integrated into the regular and ordinary activities. They have created working methods that allow them to receive both physical activity (e.g. Walk & Talk for collaborative conversations and workplace meetings that include movement activities) and the opportunity to share in each other in internal seminars and gain views on their areas of work (e.g. ongoing research projects). The nomination gives more examples that meet the four criteria for the price. "

The document below (only in Swedish) contains excerpts from all nominees' nominations – welcome to read and get inspired!

Next time the prize is awarded is fall 2019.



Margareta Bratt Carlström

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