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Laying out and printing a thesis

A thesis presented at KI must name Karolinska Institutet as the publishing university and is entitled to use the KI trademark. A thesis that uses the KI logo and graphic profile must follow the university’s graphic rules (handling of logo, colour and typeface).


Only the Karolinska Institutet logotype is to feature on the cover. Occasionally, students who have received financial support for their research or for the printing of their thesis request the inclusion of the financier’s logo on the cover; this, however, is not allowed. Should you have received some kind of backing, you may include a word of acknowledgement on the last page of text or on page three of the cover (i.e. the back inside cover).

The printer completes the information at points A, B and C.


The "spikblad" is integrated in the new thesis template. If you would still like to use a separate "spikblad" you can download it under "Thesis templates" in the right column.


We have produced some Word templates to help you compose your thesis (see right-hand column). Save as a standard template.


If you choose not to use a template but would still like some help, the following advice can be worth keeping in mind. Remember that you are to make a book, with right hand and left-hand pages in G5 format. This will affect pagination, paragraphing and so on.


Times New Roman 12 pt is a suitable font for the body text. You may of course choose other fonts, but make sure to enclose any non-standard font you use with your PDF file. The templates use a 15 pt line spacing.

More on typography and readability (in Swedish)


Pagination in Word can cause problems. Remember that it is sometimes important on which page (left or right) certain text is printed. If you want the page numbers to appear in the outer edges of the pages, choose Insert – Page Numbers. In the alignment box, select Outside. Alternatively, you can centre the page numbers to avoid the risk of having them end up close to the spine of the book.


To help you with layout, we have created even margins in the templates to give extra margin in the spine for the binding. You can lay out your document in A4 format and check the final result on converting it to a PDF file.


Word is not a layout program, which can lead to problems when you have pictures to insert in different formats. We have chosen Word because it is a program that the majority of people have access to and a degree of experience working with. Most graphics issues are solvable.

Note! Be aware of the fact that a picture (also applicable to graphs) may be protected by copyright law. You need to ask for permission from the copyright holder to use the picture in your thesis summary chapter in such case. This also applies to pictures from publications where you are (co) -author where rights have been transferred to the journal.

Bildmakarna at KI can help you with the production of graphic images

Drawing services

Handling references

Endnote courses at the University Library

Reference management software

Thesis templates





Your thesis may be printed once the Examination Board has issued its recommendation for a defence. It must be printed and ready at least three weeks beforehand to allow time for public notification (nailing) and distribution. You must therefore make sure to contact the printer already before submitting your defence application, to ask permission to publish from the relevant publishers and to obtain an ISBN (for instructions see below).

Universitetsservice US-AB

Questions, quotations and orders can be made directly via the email address or telephone number 08-790 74 00. Alternative quotation request at  Files heavier than 10MB are easily submitted via the file sharing service:

To place an order fill in this PFD file.

Printing information can be found here

It is also good to visit US-AB Tryckeriet on Drottning Kristinas väg 53B for pick-up and submission of orders during the opening hours Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00.

Number of copies

You will need to order:

  • 3 copies for the KI University Library
  • 10 copies for the Examination Board, for your opponent and for nailing
  • 7 statutory copies for the printer
  • However many copies are required by your department’s own guidelines
  • Any copies you might need for future use

ISBN number

Everyone defending a thesis at KI needs an ISBN-number.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. All books have a specifik ISBN, a sort of identification number.

Go to and login with your KI-ID. Please fill out and send the form, and you will receive an ISBN number to your email address.

Do you have any questions about ISBN?

Contact the library

Will you be defending your thesis at somewhere other than KI?

Contact the National Library of Sweden’s ISBN centre


For support regarding layout, please contact the Communications and Public Relations Office.