Logging in and homepage

You can find a link to ELN in in the drop-down list of “Choose system/tool” on the homepage of the Staff webpages.

ki eln

If you are connected to the KI Staff Network or are using  VPN or Always on VPN, you can log in at eln.ki.se by using your KI ID and password.

ki eln

If you are not connected to KI Staff network, VPN or Always on VPN you can use multi-factor authentication via Microsoft Authenticator to log in to ELN.

To setup multi-factor authentication please see https://staff.ki.se/multi-factor-authentication and contact IT-support for help.

After you have set up MFA:

  • Go to eln.ki.se
  • Type your KI ID and password and press Logon
  • On the next screen, enter the code from your Microsoft Authenticator App and press Logon
  • You will then be redirected to a new screen where you can login with your KI ID and password




in the upper right corner there are four buttons that help you find you way in KI ELN:

  • Homepage
  • Notifications
  • Profile
  • Logout

In the upper left corner there is a cog-wheel that you can use to create experiments or templates.

In the middle of the Homepage you have:

  • a list of the 3 recently edited experiments on the top
  • a “Start New experiment” button.
  • Reminder lists: experiments to lock and submit and the status of co-signing (experiments you need to co-sign and experiments that are yours and are awaiting co-signature or have been rejected by the co-signer)

On the left side you have a menu to help you navigate.

ki eln
ki eln
  • In “My searches” you find your saved searches.
  • In “My Notebook” you find experiments where you are the author or collaborator
  • In “My Submission” you find the experiments that are waiting for submission
  • In “All Notebooks” you see not only the experiments created by you but all experiments that belong to projects that you have access to