Logging into the MFT service via SFTP

On this page is a set of instructions for logging into the MFT service via SFTP. Before following the steps below, you need to download the program FileZilla. It´s available on Software Center (Windows) and SelfService (MAC) on our Karyon KI clients.

Guide MFT

1. Click on "File" and "Site Manager".

Picture guide.

2. Click on ”New Site”. Select and fill in as shown below:

  • Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Host: mft.ki.se
  • Logon type: Ask for password
  • User: Your e-post account
Picture guide.

3. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile and approve the request for multi-factor authentication.

4. You are now connected and can see the files (see picture).